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How The Trickster The Showing Up At the Olympics

Seriously, a summer Olympic Games launched DURING Mercury retrograde?   Let’s all intend that the Summer Games are….. Aligned for Mercury Retrograde! 

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Beware the Trickster…. get computer in order with this simple check

Found this article in my local paper this morning and could not help but think “Yup – the trickster is lurking about.”   Still if we are aligned we can easily pro-act instead of waiting for bad things to happen. 

Read this article on the latest in viruses.  It contains a link to an article that will instantly check your computer for the virus in question. 

Mercury is retrograde July 14th.  If this has always been a difficult astrological period for you, consider joining our alignment healing group -and make the most of this astro-influence. Check it out at: 

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Planning My Next Mercury Retrograde Sewing Project

After a number of years of repatterning our mercury retrograde experiences, I have learned to pro-act and make lists of things to do during the next retrograde to take full advantage of the energy.    Today I stumbled on this fantastic craft idea from a blog by Berlin Whimsey – home made Swiffer covers!  I LOVE IT!   Hope to make a small supply during the next go round!

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Not again in this lifetime…


Special astrological event next week.  Get the details in this article at the STAR.  



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