When is Mercury Retrograde Next?

Bracken House - London

Bracken House – London (Photo credit: Remko van Dokkum)

When is Mercury Retrograde in 2018?

When is it Retrograde in 2018?  Mercury is retrograde 3 times in 2018.   Make a note and plan around these dates!:

  • Ó March 22, 2018 16ï‘ | Shadow from: Mar. 08  to Ô April 15, 2018 04ï‘ | Shadow till: May. 03
  • Ó July 25, 2018 23ï• | Shadow from: Jul. 08 to Ô August 18, 2018 11ï• | Shadow till: Sep. 02
  • Ó November 16, 2018 13ï™ | Shadow from: Oct. 29 to  Ô December 06, 2018 27ï˜ |  Shadow till: Dec. 25

If you would like to boost your energy throughout these retrograde periods join Julie and I for our Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Healing Sessions.  We use Resonance Repatterning to help all participants align with the energy and make the most of it.


Does Mercury Retrograde make you anxious?  Repatterning can help. Read our latest blog post.

The energy for all your efforts will flow more smoothly during these times if, where possible you postpone taking new initiatives,  launching new projects, taking major trips, signing contracts or buying big things.  Sometimes of course this is not possible in which case you want to be aware of all the details, do your research and make sure you aren’t acting out of fear or desperation. An astrologer can give you specific details of how this influence will play out in your life.

Generally, it’s a great time to take stock and put things in order.  Remember, to every cycle there is a beginning middle and an end.  To make a smooth transition from one period to the next it is helpful to appreciate where we have been, name our regrets, and revise our plans before moving forward.  Often after a busy period of launching a new project, working extended hours, and pushing the envelope on life, our environment suffers.  Your desk may be a mess, you’ve put off routine maintenance tasks or have not had time to get things fixed.  A Mercury retrograde period can make for a very elegant transition period.  Cleaning out closets and drawers, organizing your home and office, getting things fixed or repaired are all great Mercury retrograde activities. It’s an excellent time to edit your life.

So before starting the next year, use these dates to plot and strategically arrange important events such as  major purchases and significant business initiatives. Use the retrograde periods to actively plan, evaluate, and put life back in order.

Your questions, comments and insights are welcomed.

With love and light,

Carolyn & Julie

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