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Flavor of Mercury Retro January 2016

This Mercury Retrograde period starts in Aquarius but will retrograde back to Capricorn, issuing in a year of Mercury retrograde in earth signs.  Each one will be a time to slow down and look at what we are trying to … Continue reading

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The Blue Quilt

Every Mercury retrograde, I struggle with framing Julie’s words of wisdom for the current Trickster season against my need to do the forbidden…. start a new quilt project.   I rationalize with thoughts of … “I am just planning, prepping, … Continue reading

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Flavor of Mercury Retro January 2015

This Mercury Retrograde period is in Aquarius which is a fixed air sign. It has everything to do with information. When Mercury is retrograde we are meant to be reflective about information; to size it up, listen twice and pay … Continue reading

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Mercury Retrograde from October 4 – October 25 2014

The Mercury retrograde period offers us a time to be more reflective about life on planet earth, to contemplate and to create order by eliminating things that block our clarity.  Therefore it is generally a good time to write, edit, … Continue reading

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