Welcome to Merry Mercury Retrograde December

Mercury will be very busy this time around, putting its retrograde stamp on the Saturn, Uranus trine of 2017, as well as connecting with Venus, Chiron and some asteroids, not to mention the Sun which is always involved in these things.

The actual station on December 3rd is at 29 degrees of Sagittarius: The last degree before Capricorn. It will have been close to Saturn and trining Uranus since late November.  

29 degrees of any sign suggest a threshold; a line separating before from after. Mercury gets up to the line and then doesn’t cross it. Although Saturn will most definitely cross that same line on December 19th. So here we are, wanting things to be different, expecting things to happen when in fact, it’s not quite time. And one of Mercury’s favorite lessons is that if you force the time you might just make a mess. This Mercury retrograde period encourages us, more than most, to finish what we started. Granted it’s December and most people are grandly distracted by seasonal expectations. Maybe what you haven’t finished is your list for Santa or gifts for the kiddies. But maybe it’s something deeper than that. Maybe you’re not sure what kind of vision if any you have that allows you to go forward into 2018 which promises to be at least as chaotic as 2017. And what would it mean if you didn’t? Lucky for us we have three weeks to ponder, sort and figure things out.

The most important day of any Mercury retro period is the conjunction with the Sun which happens December 12th right around the time it will conjunct Venus, trine Uranus and square Chiron. This suggests a great time full of creative talent and brilliant ideas as well as some foolish or simply delightful risk-takings but there is also the shadow of the suffering of others. We know how to have a good time. But what about those who cannot afford or are not in a location where they are safe enough to do that?

Sagittarius is a complicated sign. On one hand it loves to party and is also very creative. On the other hand it can be very depressed and gloomy. This is not necessarily an indication of pathology but rather a human dilemma. Ours to discover, endure and/or work with during this Mercury retrograde period.  

You can read more about Mercury’s aspects at Insights for the Month. 


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Red Sky in the Morning – Sailors Take Warning

Beautiful sunrise in Toronto today. The forecast should improve with Mercury going direct tomorrow morning around 7:30am

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My Mercury Retrograde Shopping Trip

One thing not to do during Mercury retrograde is to buy a new large ticket item. However, the rule bends when it is on sale. As Julie says, Mercury retrograde is the king of a good bargain. That bit of sage advice plus the latest Fabricland flyer for their end of summer 75% off (almost) everything in the store left me weak at the knees and shopping on my holiday. I found GREAT deals!!! Indigo linen, the pale green designer eyelet that coordinates with a skirt I made last year, breezy cottons for skirts in beautiful colors of peach and cream – each for no more than $4-$6/meter (normally $20). I grabbed one more coordinating fabric in a deeper peach shade to go with the skirt and headed to the cutting table

As the clerk went to measure out a bolt of my fabric, I asked for confirmation on the width and the final price. I did that for each one… except that last piece, the one I grabbed at the last moment as it coordinated so well. The bill came to a higher amount than I expected considering it was all so reduced in price. It was only when I got home that I found the red-herring. The last piece of fabric I selected and did not check on the price was a whopping $22/meter. I had bought 2 meters to be sure,  but I was not expecting to sew a $44 garment when all the rest were well under $20. I could only smile. The laws of Mercury retrograde prevailed. I got great deals BUT it is no excuse to slack off! Check the fine print if not the price of EVERYTHING ….before the sale is final!



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A Power Packed Mercury Retrograde Starts August 12th… are you ready for this?

August 12, 2017 – September 05, 2017 28
Shadow from: Jul. 25  – Shadow till:  Sep. 19

This may be the most power packed Mercury retrograde we have had for a long time! At least for the western world. . . It’s all about the ‘Great American Eclipse’ on August 21st. Mercury, like the trickster it is will trip the eclipse switch especially when it goes direct on September 5th. And Mars, the god of war, gets right in there as well. We always need to remember that Mars is also the god of vitality and all sorts of breakthroughs that give rise to new life. You will be able to read more about the eclipse from me at my website but you can also simply search it out on the web. Every astrologer has a perspective on it! For now we’ll just say that a solar eclipse is when the life giving qualities of the sun are obscured by our all-too-human qualities of reactivity (the Moon). The entire world has been watching these energies playing themselves out on the big stage of the USA politics of the moment, not to mention North Korea.

Mercury comes along and pops up where you least expect, reminding us that it’s impossible to try and outwit circumstance. It only leads to lying, cheating and stealing, which most of us do not have appetite for. Awareness and a willingness to deal with the present acts like magic in the hands of the Trickster. I believe many of us common folk will have the opportunity during this retrograde period and beyond to choose between sleight of hand and willingness to stay awake even or especially when we are not sure where we are going. Out of this can come great art, new business ideas, and best of all, love. Most likely we will see the fruits of our efforts after Mercury goes direct. Surprise yourself. Sometimes things that seem doomed can take us to new and amazing realities. Especially when Mercury is retrograde.

Days to pay attention to Mercury are:

  • August 26: Sun conjunct Mercury: Be reflective.
  • August 31st: Mercury retrogrades back into Leo and activates the eclipse degree: Practice awareness and presence.
  • August 3: Mercury conjunct Mars: Respond not react.

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PS – join our healing session so to help resonate with the best of Mercury retrograde.  Mini long distance session on August 12th by Carolyn Winter.  A full repatterning with me as proxy and Carolyn doing the session in a live broadcast on August 16th at 6:00pm.  Join us!

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