Flavor of Mercury retrograde May 29th – June 22, 2021

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“Mercury’s second retrograde of 2021 in air signs reminds us that we are not done with issues of misinformation and distraction. We are all well advised during this time to pause and listen to the noise in our own minds before jumping into the fray.  The most intense period is around the station starting on May 22, when Mercury squares Neptune for the first time, which is close to the actual station on the 29th when Mercury is also conjunct Venus, which will square Neptune as well, adding to the theme of confusion. (I realize this is a rather long sentence but that is the nature of all these things happening so close to each other: A run-on astrological sentence, you might say.) The Sun will conjunct Mercury (the middle of the retrograde period) on June 10 and square Neptune on the 13th. By the time Mercury goes direct on the 22nd the Sun and Venus will be gone from Gemini but it will square Neptune one more time on the 6th of July. Put all this together and it seems that between May 22 and July 6th we will feel this influence warning us to remain still in the fast moving rapids of information, gossip, news and all manner of distraction (you know which ones are your favorites).

Think of it as an extended sit in a meditation retreat. The desire to scratch an itch is but a little thing, yet it disturbs the flow of breath and being that stillness offers. Maybe it’s like being at the ocean at the moment when a big wave is about to break and you can’t get away from it. The best strategy is to dive deep and let it break over you where you can’t feel it even as you know you will come up for air once it is finished.

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Flavor of Mercury retrograde January – February 2021

Our first Mercury retrograde of 2021 is in Aquarius, an air sign. All the Mercury retrogrades this year are in air. Some of you may be aware of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the solstice, another indication of an airy year. Air is about our ability to think rationally, to reason. It’s about communication, which requires as much listening as it does talking (especially during a retrograde). This airy Mercury offers the promise of a bit of perspective which this world sorely needs. There are pitfalls as well. Aquarius can be kind of fixed or rigid and stubbornly attached to a particular way of thinking. During this retrograde we might take a good look at where we focus our attention. Just being observant could be enough to shift a whole range of behaviors that need to change. It is more of a time to plan and consider than to make things happen. The future will come.

As Mercury journeys through its retrograde period it will conjunct the Sun, square Mars and conjunct Jupiter between February 9th and 16th. This will be the most intense period and suggests that if we can deal with our frustrations we may well learn something that could make us wiser and inspire us toward a better future. 

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Flavor of Mercury retrograde October 13 – November 3 2020

This particular Mercury retrograde begins on the same day that Mars opposes the Sun – the exact midpoint of Mars’ retrograde period. For those who are tuned into the Mars retrograde it makes sense to see it as a time to meet our challenges. We need to question how things are or risk endangering ourselves and others with a dream-like longing for the past or fantasy about the future. Mercury is adding its voice to the story of protest and violence that Mars started. We are asked to pause and consider. One way to look at it is that Mars isn’t just about violence, it’s about breakthrough, birth and energy all of which we need to move forward and Mercury, in its own way, can support those qualities, if we let it. 

Mercury reminds us that we have much to gain when we transform the raw energy of fear into a force for change. This Mercury period reminds us to take time and to anchor our felt sense of things to reason. There are no guarantees where this journey is taking us. One thing that is clear, however, is that we are not tourists; more like pilgrims.

As Mercury journeys through its retrograde period it will activate Uranus, showering us with unexpected and disruptive information about ‘real’ things. On October 27th Mercury will retrograde back into Libra where it will activate the same planets that Mars has been stirring up, underscoring the cracks which we have all witnessed in the structures that are meant to uphold our culture. 

Daunting as this may seem in the moment it’s important avoid making significant decisions from a place of despair or denial. It’s actually a time to think creatively as we engage with other cultural creatives. While Mercury is retrograde (until November 3) we benefit from being really good listeners. Collaboration requires the sharing of thoughts and ideas. Once Mercury and Mars are both direct (November 13 for Mars) we will begin to slowly integrate all the changes that 2020 has heaped upon us. The world and each of us alive in it at this time are engaged in a massive transformation. As these planets go direct we gain a lot by taking inventory of all we have lost, all we have learned and most important, what we plan to do about it.

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Surgery during Mercury Retrograde

During our last alignment of Mercury retrograde Feb 16-Mar 10, my long awaited knee surgery was scheduled for February 27 -a day past the mid-point of Mercury Retrograde. The general advice is to avoid surgery during this period if possible but let common sense prevail.  Julie’s thoughts that being past the midpoint at least by a day helped the cause.  My knee had deteriorated rapidly in 3 months prior so I decided to go ahead and felt okay with it all.

The good news is that despite some challenges the surgery was a success and I was home the next day.  Serendipitously, who could have predicted that the world would be shut down, and surgeries like mine cancelled indefinitely just 2 weeks later? That was also a blessing.  The very next morning, I found that I had more strength and movement than I thought possible so soon after surgery. It was very encouraging.

The Mercury retrograde challenge was not catastrophic – just irritating and annoying. I will name a few….

Unlike arriving for surgery, which was nurturing and attentive, being discharged from the hospital was veiled in confusion. No one seemed to know when I was to be released.  When finally known, I was expected to leave within an hour.  The ‘going home’ instructions were contradictory and confusing. Luckily, family and friends took care of it all.  In the last 2 weeks of retrograde energy, I experienced an allergic reaction to the bandage dressing as well as the coating on the prescription drugs.  Both were low grade, hard to detect and lingered for the entire shadow of Mercury retrograde. Lastly, the crucial post-surgery exercise routine had a bumpy start.  Due to the Pandemic shutdown, the six weeks of in person physiotherapy was delayed until they figured out how to do sessions via video conferencing. Everyone knows that doing the exercises post-surgery is very important.  There is a short window of time to get a full range of motion back before scar tissue sets in.  I was working with the initial set of exercises for 3 weeks – officially putting me behind. However, I seemed to have caught up to myself since then.

In hindsight, given the condition of my knee and the necessity for surgery, the post-surgery healing setbacks were nothing compared to not having surgery at all.  Today, I have the joy of movement and I am so glad I went ahead with it – aligned as much as possible with a positive outcome.

Thank You!

Perhaps the greatest healer of all for me during these past few months, have been the well wishes, prayers, and healing energy sent by family, friends and colleagues and so many of you.   I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many caring people and deeply appreciate everyone’s kind thoughts.

With love and light

Carolyn W

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