Mercury Retrograde December 19th 2016- January 8th 2017

This Mercury Retrograde period starts at 15 degrees of Capricorn, which is mighty close to an exact conjunction with Pluto. Pluto is ponderous and deep. It suggests we take a good, long almost meditative look at the circumstances of the moment. Given that it’s the holidays many memories both good and bad can arise, unbidden from the cashes where they are stored. Mercury retrograde suggests that there is nothing that needs to be done about the past but there is great power in respecting that this is where we come from, these are the nutrients that have made us what we are. As Mercury journeys through the past it will sextile Neptune on December 26th suggesting opportunities to see things from a nonlinear perspective. The conjunction with the Sun, always the most significant day of the retrograde period, occurs on December 28th just before the New Moon. This conjunction happens along with a sextile to Mars. Mars is action. The conjunction with the Sun is about renewal. It’s as if the marching orders have been issued but it’s not yet time to march. First you must understand or resonate with whatever it is you are meant to be responsible for. On January 3rd Mercury will sextile Venus and on the 4th it retrogrades back to Sagittarius where it will make the station and go direct on the 8th. The sextile suggests kindness as well as beauty. The return to Sagittarius reminds us that the vision we have of the future compels us forward even though it is unlikely that things will turn out exactly as we imagine. Once Mercury goes direct we generally have a sense of moving more easily toward the future we have been thinking about.

Given the time of year there might be lots of things to return to the store. Spend some time with what you have before you rush to turn it into something else. There may be someone who would love it even if you don’t! This Mercury retrograde is about renewal: The renewal of our ability to respond to the world as it is and step up to what that requires rather than to try desperately to make it something other than it is.


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Now that Mercury is direct

On my list of things I have patiently waited to start, launch or act on….

  • Launch an online webinar “The Tech Savvy Practitioner”
  • Start 5 sewing projects (but I was good at planning them all out and doing alterations to the patterns!) – a light fall jacket, a teal plaid 2 piece outfit and another quilt
  • Work with Julie in a pilot to bring one of her amazing Astrology classes online in November.

During this past Mercury retrograde, I did have a few stumbles, but easily flowed around them – Did not have my debit card at the checkout of a store, mild panic, but found it quickly at home and went back to the store.  The delay, took me into the time of day when the library would be open so the second trip the Library run was accomplished as well.

I made pattern alterations as noted above and while I thought these were an easy 1 hour job, it took days. However, the gift here is that in puzzling over the fixes, i managed to resolve a long standing issue to accommodate narrow shoulders.  It was a huge insight.   A lot can happen when we are aligned.

With light and love


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Mercury is Direct at 1:31am Eastern

mercury-goBreathe! Mercury is direct as of 1:31am Eastern here in Toronto.  Check your chart for other relevant aspects, but going forward feel the ease and grace of Mercury Direct.



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Mercury is Retrograde August 30th – September 22, 2016


It’s been a hot summer and this Mercury retrograde period is asking us to reflect on what, exactly that means to us in the way that we live: Things like the amount of water we use, the preparation of food, our diets and exercise patterns in an overheated world. This is a rather tense time astrologically speaking. It could be a great time to do what Mercury retrograde suggests; reflection and perspective rather than action and forging ahead. As Mercury makes the station the moon is in the balsamic phase (just before the new moon) and gearing up for a solar eclipse in the sign of Virgo on the 1st of September.  Anything could happen!



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