The flavor of upcoming Mercury Retrograde

As always the general theme of all Mercury retrograde periods is reflection and communication.  It is a time when a bit of inward turning goes a long way in helping us deepen our awareness of our lives. It is also a time to pay attention to important details and to make room in your mind for synchronicity. It is generally a good time to write, edit, meditate, retreat and organize.  Based on the sign it is in at the time it makes this journey, we find more specific direction about what is required at this time.

This period of Mercury Retrograde from April 17th – May 11th is in the sign of Taurus. Mercury is oriented toward production and material manifestation when it is in Taurus. It has a show-me-the-money quality. Given that Taurus is a sign that makes serious challenges to Leo and that Mars has been in Leo for many months doing it’s retrograde dance, I think we are asked to take a look at our creative impulses. We are all passionate about something (or someone) and these next few weeks are meant to challenge us to put our passion into manifestation or admit defeat. Doing the extra work, investing the extra effort enables manifestation which is always preferable to defeat unless we have really been barking up the wrong tree. In that case what looks like defeat may actually be acceptance of the limits of matter. Generally speaking when Mercury is retrograde it’s advisable not to push the river. Even so this meeting between Mercury and Mars suggests that we should be committed to investing effort, time, money and/or love in our creative projects. Perhaps we can do this with a sense of patience and persistence rather than simply forcing our will on our world. Once Mercury goes direct we will undoubtedly move forward with greater ease. Mercury also interacts with Pluto in this retrograde period which suggests that what does manifest will have power to transform things over time.

Specific dates when these planetary connections are felt more strongly (although they are active throughout the whole Mercury retrograde period) are:


Mercury square Mars: April 5th (before it goes retrograde) and  April 26 (during the retrograde) These are the times to be especially aware of the tension between 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration which are both required to bring a creative project into being.

Mercury trine Pluto: April 6th (before it goes retrograde), May 3rd (during the retrograde) and May 19th (after it goes direct): These are times to be especially attuned to the lasting and possibly transformational  qualities of the creative projects which are close to your heart. Who will benefit? Who might like to invest? What can you do to make your work more efficient and useful to those around you?

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