Mercury Retrograde and Eyiafjallaj

There is nothing more symbolic of a volcanic eruption than the combination of fire and earth. Molten lava to be sure!

The thing that made this particular Mercury retrograde intense was the way it connects to Mars and the dance of the Mars retrograde journey that entered its shadow on October 17, 2009 and is leaving around May 16, 2010. Mars was in Leo. Fire. It is symbolic of creative pressure that has been building up for all of us. Mercury is retrograde in Taurus. Earth. Taurus and Leo stress each other out because they are both so powerful (fixed) but they have such different ways of going about their business. One is hot and all about movement,  the other is solid and dense. It’s the immovable object meeting the irresistible force; the rock and the hard place. It couldn’t be more aptly expressed than in the symbolism of a volcanic eruption.

I was away and not tuned into the news on the day that Eyiafjallaj erupted. Today, as I began to search out the name of the mountain (they never actually call it by name in the news. It is unpronounceable for an English speaking person, to be sure. Even more Mercury symbolism.) I realized how amazingly, astrologically perfect this whole event has been. And of course we don’t want to miss the general Mercury retrograde theme of disrupted travel and communication.

The teaser here, philosophically speaking is to understand that the eruption wasn’t caused by the astrology. It was perfectly reflected.

And then there was the oil spill…

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I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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  1. manya bergen says:

    My Mercury retrograde story … my very old Vespa has been acting up. Starts up okay, but once the engine is warm, it sometimes won’t start again until the engine has cooled down completely. I’ve considered replacing but didn’t want to take on any new debt. Meanwhile my mechanic wasn’t returning my calls. Decided to wait .. to see if some helping hand would emerge to help me get through another season.

    Just opened an email from a scooter buddy who’d talked to my mechanic .. letting me know I hadn’t been forgotten ..So I’m keeping cool …not getting rid of my scooter .. and really thinking about what it’s worth’s vintage, an unusualmodel really considering the whole question of value. No big resolution yet ..more a sense of not getting rushed into a trade.

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