Julie’s Retrograde thoughts for Virgo

Well I have surely endured the antics of the trickster since August 20th. Today was the final straw when the dial on my toaster oven broke. I now need pliers to bake or toast. But that doesn’t give rise to useful insights. It’s just irritating.

On a more profound level I had another Virgo situation with a rash that broke out around my lips making me look like Ronald McDonald’s mother (I thought). In true retrograde fashion it was a recurrence in that it had happened in July as well. I thought i had figured it out. In dealing with it I see how Virgo is about service, practical service. It’s about the little things that we don’t really think of unless and until they go wrong at which time they can really compromise the peace of our lives (things like bad health or swollen, itchy lips). In the retrograde quality of the moment I went back to someone who has helped me before with allergic reactions. From this I gained a practical, mundane understanding of the possible causes of my burning lips. It isn’t the symbolic that is helping me at the moment (they are improving) it’s the actual, earth-based reality of my body’s needs and the ministrations of helpers that is making the difference.  Such is the essence of Virgo.

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I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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