Join Julie at the Calendar Launch September 26th

There are countless number of times that I have had a great idea for a calendar that just fizzled at my brow chakra center for good inspirations.  So vicariously I am ever so happy to announce the launch of a calendar by Aligned For Mercury Retrograde’s astrologer – Julie Simmons co-created with her colleague Deirdre Norman.

They describe The Cosmic Mirror as…”a Canadian calendar to help you navigate the above and below of life; Astrology and earth-bound wisdom provide insights into how the year is unfolding. Heaven and Earth come together in this calendar to give you guidance for the year, both personally and globally, and specific information about the cycles of the sun, moon and planets.”

If you live in the Toronto area, Julie and Deirdre would love to meet you.  They are hosting a launch of this new endeavor on Sunday September 26th at one of my favorite shops called Wonder Works.   Coincidentally, around the corner from the shop AND on the same day is the 21st Annual The Word On The Street Festival  .  It should make for a great Sunday outing.   Some come on out!  Here are the details:

The Cosmic Mirror

at Wonderworks. 79A Harbord St., Toronto

Sunday September 26, 1:08 pm

(Spadina and Harbord is the main intersection)

Congratulations to Julie and Deirdre on your lovely creative endeavor.

Carolyn Winter

PS – visit the regular Mercury Retrograde page for information on how to get your copy if you can’t make the launch.

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