Aligning Outcomes

How are you making out so far with this Mercury retrograde?   For myself, the frazzled feelings of the retrograde (crossing fingers, touching wood) have moved on and I feeling rather productive.   In the past week I have been  finishing off old projects and fixing things that have been on my list for ever.  The shower curtain rod cover and liner got changed,  I scoured my space and took a box of ‘stuff’ no longer needed or in use to the recycling center of our building but the most satisfying project so far is the lamp project.

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I found this wrought iron lamp in the trash area of our building.. well a place that folks leave good stuff for others to take home – over 10 years ago.   It was missing the hardware for the lamp socket, the shade and the plug /cord looked like it was from the 20’s.   I had hopes of refinishing and re-wiring it, but it sat in my bedroom forever serving as a clothes-rack more than anything else.   During this Mercury retrograde I was finally inspired to think… “Well what could it possibly take to re-wire a lamp?” and set out for the Home Depot to find out.  It actually took the MRx standard 4 trips to the store to figure it out but finally I got the right pieces and with the help of one good friend with the proper tool (I needed a wire stripper) it was effortlessly accomplished in 20 minutes.

What is really great about this accomplishment is that the hardwiring of a lamp is no longer a mystery to me.  In the future, I think I can fearlessly tackle a lamp repair job without waiting 10 years!


PS – however the trickster has the last word as in uploading pictures of my lamp deal… the one with the finished project is not to be found!   Hope to get it up later today.

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  1. Julie says:

    My big Mercury moment was in doing my income tax receipts 2 and 1/2 times. Although i bitched and moaned and felt quite put upon at times i did keep at it and by the end i realized how easy it will be to deal with the receipts on an ongoing basis. i think this will change my life. i gsalso realize that it’s a long time coming (retrograde)! Many people already know this… Mercury is about numbers and calculations as well as classification (among other things). There is a satisfaction in having things add up on paper (unlike in the rest of life…)

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