Mercury goes retrograde … with a flare.

Massive X6.9 class solar flare, August 9, 2011...

Massive X6.9 class solar flare, August 9, 2011. While this flare produced a coronal mass ejection (CME), this CME is not traveling towards the Earth, and no local effects are expected. Sun Unleashes X6.9 Class Flare, NASA press release dated 08.09.2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow – how nice of the Sun to go into some kind of natural spasm called a solar flare to light up the path for Mercury retrograde.    Yes today Mercury is retrograde and there is a solar  flare.   Read more about the solar flares in this article at the Huffingtonpost

I first heard about the phenomena about solar flares affecting our psyche in Lynne McTaggart’s recent book “The Bond”.   She tells the fascinating story of Russian scientist Alxenander Chizhoevosky’s theories on solar flares.    He had proposed that many of the world’s upheavals in history were the result of solar activity and solar flares.  At the time his theories were not well accepted as political regimes preferred to think of a revolution as the result of the people rising up against the status quo.   The poor man was sent to the northern reaches of Russia, where he could not expand his theories. However, 30 years later, his work was revisited by scientists who felt he was quite possibly right after all. It turns out that there is a correlation between the sun’s activity and many social phenomenon.  We are linked to solar weather and all kinds of geo-magnetic activity of the solar system manifesting as increases in crime, heart attacks, car accidents, mental illness symptoms flaring up, and swings in the stock market to name a few.

The way I read today’s news, be extra careful driving and take a paper map if driving because the GPS thingy may not work as well.   Extra understanding with irritable people or for unexpected emotional upsets may also be in order.  Know that solar flares may be connected.     For those of you enrolled in our Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Session, you may wish to enter any new items in your life you feel may be affected by the solar flare.    I will be doing the session at 6:00PM Eastern so there is still time to send in your information to be repatterned.

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