Who is This Mercury Who Changes Direction so Frequently?

Mercury went direct on November 26th. The shadow of the retrograde period will last into December. The shadow is generally a time when the issues that were active in the retrograde period start to iron themselves out. It’s good to know we can kind of count on that.

We seem to get so caught up In Mercury when It’s retrograde we spend very little time thinking about it when it is direct, which is most of the year. Those of us who are followers of the trickster might benefit from keeping track of Mercury between retrogrades. You will notice Carolyn and I making more posts in an attempt to offer insights and invite you to comment here or journal on this topic yourself. Astrological journaling is a fascinating thing to do.

Mercury is the planet that stays closest to the Sun. It is generally hard to spot if you don’t have a clear, flat horizon. It will always be seen if at all, close to the horizon. Mercury is always busy thinking and using hands. We find it in the details of our lives. We are all aware how the smallest things can derail a good mood or a great idea. Mercury encourages us to be flexible and agile in the way we handle these things.

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I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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