February 2014 Mercury Retrograde

This year’s mercury retrogrades take us from water to air. They each start out in a water sign and end up in an air sign. 2013 was a year of intense projections, fear of the future, deep insights and most of all strong feelings. In 2014 Mercury encourages us to THINK about what we feel. To do the research and make sure that our feelings are not just projections.

This retrograde period is from February 6, until February 28th with the shadow period extending the influence from January 23rd until March 20th. 

Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Pisces, near to a conjunction with Neptune. We are meant to dream deeply in our waking or sleeping states. It is quite possible that ‘life is but a dream’. Awakenings happen around Valentine’s Day when Mercury, still retrograde re-enters Aquarius: Time to get rational about our dreams; to do the research. This could mean any kind of research: Into our own past or perhaps the drug or food supplement we are taking.  Most importantly we need not to believe everything we hear. Because it is a retrograde time the suggestion is to be calm and simply follow the threads that seem to lead you to the information you may need. If change is required it will come more easily after Mercury goes direct.

About juliesimmons

I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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