Check on that Valentines Day Message …did it get through?

postcardIt’s Valentines Day (Happy Valentines Day to you!) but we are also in the first Mercury retrograde period of the year (Feb 6-28th).    What could possibly go wrong when the trickster meets cupid?   LOL possibly a lot!

It makes me think of the popular British sitcom from the 90’s with Judy Dench “As Time Goes By”.   The series plot is based on a mis-understanding and ensuing assumptions that occurred when an in-love couple, yet to declare their heart to each other, are separated by the Korean war.  Their letters to each other are never received.   What would any fragile heart in love conclude? Forty something years later they meet again under hilarious circumstances and re-kindle their relationship.  It strikes me as a Mercury retrograde romance with an amazing self-correction!

So a word of warning to all hearts declaring their love today.  Make sure your intentions are clear, the postage is correct, double-check those reservations, don’t say “I love you” unless you mean it, and you might take the time to explain what you mean!  Since it is Mercury retrograde, don’t be surprised if that long-lost love shows up unexpectedly either as a box of old letters tumbling out of a cupboard, or a knock on your door.   Know it is likely a collusion by the Trickster and Cupid.  

With love and light

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