My Mercury Retrograde Quilting Blues…

This table runner needs a quilt to match!  To buy or not to buy during Mercury Retrograde?

This table runner needs a quilt to match! To buy or not to buy during Mercury Retrograde?

Dear Julie – I know I should know better, but i will ask you just in case others have similar Mercury Retrograde blues.   In my case I have a huge quilting dilemma.

In the world of quilting things have evolved from patchworking scraps of leftovers, and old clothing into quilted blankets to fashionista type ‘collections’ of matching fabrics.  You can’t go wrong sewing a quilt from fabrics selected from a collection as they are all digitally calibrated to ‘match’ each other.  The collections come and go sometimes lingering for sale for 2-3 years and others barely last a 5 month season.

My dilemma is this… I want to buy quilt fabric for a new project with base colors of indigo, coffee, and off white. As colors go, it is a rare combination BUT a collection by Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts)  was announced last January.  It is perfect!!!! – except for one thing.  It goes on sale during the Mercury retrograde period June 7th – 28th.     Sure, I can wait and buy it in July, but by then the choices in the collection will have dwindled.  Quilt shops seem to be fewer and farther between.

If I buy my fabric in June, and don’t even contemplate the making of this project til July or August, would you say that is an aligned decision or am I just asking for trouble I will regret later?   I am entering this one for repatterning this Saturday!


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2 Responses to My Mercury Retrograde Quilting Blues…

  1. juliesimmons says:

    A crafter’s dilemma for sure! Mercury retrograde is a great time to have a sale. Lots of people do. I don’t know if they have resident astrologers or not. If it’s a kit you have wanted for a while and you are likely not to have a great problem with the possible glitches and if the sale is a good one I would go for it. You are not a beginner so chances are if something is not as you want it you could deal with that. The main thing is to make sure they send you what you ask for. If they send you a lovely green when you wanted blue you will have to wrangle. but most likely it would work out for you anyway. The main rule is: If the sale is a good one and you know the product and the seller you should go for it. Mercury is the god of the marketplace. It’s an offer you can’t refuse!

  2. Thanks so much! I am going shopping – after the session on Saturday of course!

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