Mercury Retrograde from October 4 – October 25 2014

041 The Mercury retrograde period offers us a time to be more reflective about life on planet earth, to contemplate and to create order by eliminating things that block our clarity.  Therefore it is generally a good time to write, edit, meditate, retreat and organize.  Based on the sign it is in at the time it makes this journey, we find more specific direction about what is required at this time.

This period of Mercury Retrograde starts out in Scorpio and retrogrades back to Libra. This is significant in that last year’s retrogrades were all in water signs and now Mercury is ‘migrating’ to air. Water is about feelings. It is murky and suggests the felt sense of things, the gut instinct. Air is about thinking. It’s mental and communicative. Since retrograde motion is inherently reflective it means we are starting out with the intense subjectivity of our feelings and could benefit greatly by stepping back a bit and getting some perspective on what we feel. Mercury entered Scorpio on September 27th. It makes no aspects to other planets while in Scorpio. During the retrograde period it will re-enter Libra on the 10th. On the 16th it conjuncts the Sun and makes a sextile to Mars. On the 17th it will conjunct Venus and on the 20th it makes a sextile to Jupiter. So it is very active while in Libra. (You can read about what each of these aspects means specifically at

Generally speaking it seems that this retrograde period will be good for making sense of our feelings especially between the 10th and when it goes direct on the 25th. Because it’s retrograde the sense we make of these feelings should be noted, and considered but not necessarily acted upon. If you are a writer or any kind of creative person this is a good time to massage the material. If you are trying to work out relationships consider how the other person makes you feel rather than trying to guess what s/he feels directly.

The general advice for Mercury retrograde is to check the details and don’t push the river.

Julie Simmons

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