Welcome to Merry Mercury Retrograde December

Mercury will be very busy this time around, putting its retrograde stamp on the Saturn, Uranus trine of 2017, as well as connecting with Venus, Chiron and some asteroids, not to mention the Sun which is always involved in these things.

The actual station on December 3rd is at 29 degrees of Sagittarius: The last degree before Capricorn. It will have been close to Saturn and trining Uranus since late November.  

29 degrees of any sign suggest a threshold; a line separating before from after. Mercury gets up to the line and then doesn’t cross it. Although Saturn will most definitely cross that same line on December 19th. So here we are, wanting things to be different, expecting things to happen when in fact, it’s not quite time. And one of Mercury’s favorite lessons is that if you force the time you might just make a mess. This Mercury retrograde period encourages us, more than most, to finish what we started. Granted it’s December and most people are grandly distracted by seasonal expectations. Maybe what you haven’t finished is your list for Santa or gifts for the kiddies. But maybe it’s something deeper than that. Maybe you’re not sure what kind of vision if any you have that allows you to go forward into 2018 which promises to be at least as chaotic as 2017. And what would it mean if you didn’t? Lucky for us we have three weeks to ponder, sort and figure things out.

The most important day of any Mercury retro period is the conjunction with the Sun which happens December 12th right around the time it will conjunct Venus, trine Uranus and square Chiron. This suggests a great time full of creative talent and brilliant ideas as well as some foolish or simply delightful risk-takings but there is also the shadow of the suffering of others. We know how to have a good time. But what about those who cannot afford or are not in a location where they are safe enough to do that?

Sagittarius is a complicated sign. On one hand it loves to party and is also very creative. On the other hand it can be very depressed and gloomy. This is not necessarily an indication of pathology but rather a human dilemma. Ours to discover, endure and/or work with during this Mercury retrograde period.  

You can read more about Mercury’s aspects at Insights for the Month. 


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