Flavor of Mercury retrograde July  25 – August 19

Mercury retrograde in Leo reminds us to be aware of the two sides of pride: the kind that ‘goeth before a fall’ and the other kind that is about self-esteem and a feeling of belonging in the world. We are beset these days will all manner of terrifying narcissistic behaviors in our leaders.  Mercury retrograde always encourages us to look within, to listen to the still small voice, to reconsider if things are the way we think they are. When the outside world is so chaotic we may find it especially difficult, as individuals, to know who we are in some of the most fundamental ways.

The journey of this retrograde period involves a square to Jupiter in Scorpio on August 11th. I think Jupiter, as it has journeyed through Scorpio since October 2017, has a lot to do with the ‘me too’ movement. It’s not easy to look at the places where we have been betrayed, even harder when it seems we have done it to ourselves. But to not look is the more difficult choice in the end. Mercury retrograde calls us to look at the effect of betrayal or misuse of power in our lives. And to do this with kindness toward ourselves first, then extending it to others if possible. Only if possible.

The most important day of any Mercury retrograde period is the conjunction with the Sun which happens on August 8th. Given that there is always a whisper on the wind when Mercury conjuncts the Sun; something we need to hear even if we aren’t sure what it means at first, it’s always a good day to take some time and see if you get any messages. It can also be a time when it’s important to open yourself up to messages that are coming from outside you (in your mail or email box, through the chat with your neighbor…). In Leo the intuitive, artistic, creative qualities of mind can be very powerful.

You can read more about Mercury’s aspects at Insights for the Month. Here are the significant dates.

Mercury retrograde 26th (1:03 AM EDT)

Sun conjunct Mercury August 8th (10:06 PM EDT)

Mercury square Jupiter, August 11th (2:32 AM EDT)

Mercury direct August 19th (00:25 AM EDT)

Mercury enters the shadow of the retrograde period (setting up the issues) around July 8th and releases the issues after September 2nd.

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2 Responses to Flavor of Mercury retrograde July  25 – August 19

  1. Sharon T says:

    It sure seems that Mercury has been retrograde since late June. So many things have been misdirected and undelivered! Would this have been impacted by the other retrograde planets?

    • Dear Sharon,
      Mercury has definitely not been retrograde since late June but Mars sure has, since June 26th in fact. Mercury is about thinking, Mars is about doing. There are many factors that might come into play for you specifically but the general idea is that when planets are retrograde (most especially Mercury, Venus and Mars) we need to be more reflective (especially for Mercury retrograde) and less reactive (especially for Mars retrograde). When we can do that interesting and often positive things result!

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