Announcing The Town Crier Podcasts..

Julie has started a monthly astrological podcast, along with friends Meika Hildebrand and Karen called “The Astrological Town Crier” . In these approximately 30 minute interviews, Julie takes a deeper dive into current events of the day from an astrological point of view.

Julie writes… “These are chaotic times. Humans all over the planet are disoriented by the unpredictability of our situation. Stepping into a new age, the Age of Aquarius in fact, is not easy. Births are always risky. The more we understand that chaos is actually change (easier to fathom in retrospect i will admit…) the more we are likely to be curious and engaged in the process. We might as well practice!”

Join Mieka Hildebrand in conversation with Julie Simmons, astrologer for an interesting mix of current events and astrology.

June 2020


Inaugeral episodes for March and April 2020

Links are always found on Julies home page

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