Announcing The Town Crier Podcasts..

Julie has started a monthly astrological podcast, along with friends Meika Hildebrand and Karen called “The Astrological Town Crier” . In these approximately 30 minute interviews, Julie takes a deeper dive into current events of the day from an astrological point of view.

Julie writes… “These are chaotic times. Humans all over the planet are disoriented by the unpredictability of our situation. Stepping into a new age, the Age of Aquarius in fact, is not easy. Births are always risky. The more we understand that chaos is actually change (easier to fathom in retrospect i will admit…) the more we are likely to be curious and engaged in the process. We might as well practice!”

Join Mieka Hildebrand in conversation with Julie Simmons, astrologer for an interesting mix of current events and astrology.

June 2020


Inaugeral episodes for March and April 2020

Links are always found on Julies home page

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Flavor of Mercury retrograde June 18 – July 12th, 2020

If you’re following along with astrology these days you might think you are weary of so many retrograde planets, and now Mercury comes along to join the fray. Outer planets are retrograde for much of each year. But this year, 2020 we also have Venus retrograde (now) and Mars to come (September – November). Last month Venus Jupiter and Saturn all went retrograde within days of each other. Astrological front page news! What it seems to mean is that we are on shaky ground (no surprise) and we can’t really tell where we are  headed. As Mercury adds the trickster touch we have two choices (as they often say..) We can panic, feel out of sorts, and worry anxiously about things we can’t control or we can do something else. We can tune in to the fact that Mercury is retrograde in Cancer and that is a sign of security. We can think about what makes us secure and insecure. We can think about what we can and can’t do about this. Most importantly we can do what we can to help those we resonate with feel more secure. That might be about your family but it may also be about people suffering in a particular way that calls to you; homelessness, food insecurity, children, women, refugees; the list is as long as the circumference of the earth. The trick, if there is one is to stay afloat. Not to drown in problems but to reasonably consider what you have available that might nourish someone. Maybe you have heard the parable of the long spoons. In each of two locations people are given access to food, but the utensils are too unwieldy to serve oneself with. In hell the people cannot cooperate, and consequently starve. In heaven,  the diners feed one another across the table and are sated.

As Mercury journeys through its retrograde phase it will make only one strong aspect to another planet which is a square to Mars on July 8. This is easily a time of contention. Choose your battles. No tilting at windmills. It will also conjunct the Sun as it always does when retrograde, June 30th. An excellent day to listen and see what messages call to you from the deep. 

Mercury will go direct on July 12th  as the Sun trines Neptune. A good day to move ahead with a sense of how you can care for those around you as well as yourself. By this time Venus will be moving away from whatever her retrograde lessons were and Mars will be moving into to his. Mercury direct suggests that it’s time to see what gives.

Warm regards, 


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Mercury is Retrograde February 16-March 10th …. what to expect

Shadow begins: Feb. 03 until Februry 16 2020
Mercury is Retrograde February 17 – March 10, 2020
Shadow Fades: March 11-Mar. 30 2020

This Mercury retrograde starts in Pisces but ends in Aquarius. These are the two most overarching and collective signs, suggesting that all of humanity are one. We like to think of that spiritually and in terms of political or social well being not to mention all humanitarian considerations. At this time we seem to be experiencing our collective oneness in anxiety producing ways, the most obvious being the virus which is slowly spreading throughout the entire world.

This retrograde period offers us an opportunity to step back and remind ourselves about all the good ways that we are one: one human family but also one living planet. It’s a perfect time to dive deeply into our connections with others and to acknowledge our hopes and fears of the future. As we do that we might consider how compassion for ourselves as well as others is the most peaceful and secure way to move into the future.

It also may be a good time to delve into your favorite flavor of science fiction or fantasy. We are the future of someone else’s past.

Julie Simmons, Astrologer

What area of your life will be affected by this retrograde energy?   Align with the best of Mercury Retrograde this year andjoin our alignment sessions at the webstore.

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Flavor of Mercury Retrograde October 31, 2019

Join us!

Mercury is stationery, retrograde conjunct Venus in Scorpio. This might be encouragement to express our feelings
with as much beauty and art as we can. The secret of using Scorpio energy is to feel what we feel but not to act on it until we know that we will not cause harm. Scorpio feelings are very intense. When we hold back on releasing them we often discover that what felt like poison becomes medicine or possibly even art. 

As Mercury journeys through its retrograde phase it will sextile Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and trine Neptune in Pisces, rewarding those who can master their intensity. In a world so rife with the misuses of power we need to be careful not to let fear determine our actions. This is an excellent period to practice that very thing!  

Mercury will go direct on the 20th which is the day after Mars enters Scorpio. They will not be conjunct but there is probably some message there regarding the places in our lives that require mastery. We don’t practice to become perfect. It’s more like we practice whatever we practice for the sheer necessity of becoming. 

Warm regards, 


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