Flavor of mercury retrograde March 5 – March 28: Pisces

Each and every Mercury retrograde has its own personality or flavor in that it highlights the astrological picture of the moment and asks us to pay attention in a particular way. This one is most definitely about the Jupiter, Neptune square, with a dash of Saturn, Pluto and Mars. Mercury will square Jupiter, sextile Saturn, Pluto as well as Mars and, as if with a flourish, it will make the station, direct conjunct Neptune. At the very least it is a period of connection and integration.

  • The square to Jupiter seems to point to the ongoing confusions we are experiencing collectively as well as individually. The issue of true and false is aggravated by the retrograde issues of miscommunication and distraction. 
  • The sextiles to Mars, Pluto and Saturn suggest there is lots of opportunity to overcome the sense of confusion if we embody our experience rather than, let us say, research it. If you feel swept away in confusion which may simply be too much information, go for a walk and while you are walking tune in to your arms and legs, your eyes and ears. Earth (Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Taurus) loves presence. 
  • The station direct on Neptune underscores all things Pisces: The soul of our planet, our species, is a real thing. To deny this is to risk something profound, to be swept into the sea of algorithmic manipulation with no boat. Compassion is Pisces’ greatest gift, addiction might be its worst. We might reach toward compassion by starting with ourselves and let this be as a stone in the water, creating ripples, touching all who touch us.

The most important day of any Mercury retrograde period is the conjunction with the Sun which happens on March 14th. This is the day when we can ‘hear’ the message on the wind of thought that may indicate exactly what we need to know to navigate the retrograde. This is quite close to the first quarter moon and the square to Jupiter suggesting that we need to be fearless in asking the questions. Answers won’t necessarily be what you wanted to hear.

You can read more about Mercury’s aspects at Insights for the Month. 

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Flavor of mercury retrograde November 16 – December 6: Fire and water

Mercury retrograde is actually not something to write in your date book in the hope that you will be reminded to catch all the mistakes, misspellings and mishaps before they wreak havoc. It’s not about avoidance. It’s a reminder that we humans need time to contemplate, to consider, to reflect and remember. Otherwise our mind overtakes our soul and we slip head first into a kind of oblivion of distraction, stress and confusion; states of being that are not desirable or necessary.

Mercury will square Neptune and Mars (which will be conjunct each other) as well as conjunct Jupiter and the Sun which it always does when retrograde.

It seems to me that this period is ‘introducing’ a new level of confusion which lasts into January at least as Jupiter will also, then square Neptune. We can practice with courage and persistence our ability to hold steady in the face of the chaos we all seem to be feeling: To slow down when we start to panic and consider what is really real. When Neptune gets involved there is a lot of confusion and delusion but there is also transcendence which isn’t so much about being above it all as being spacious and allowing for the inevitability of change. When Mars is involved we often feel impelled to act but Mars works best in Pisces when actions are based on true feeling which can only be known when we are relaxed and allow things to show themselves.

The most important day of any Mercury retrograde period is the conjunction with the Sun which happens on November 27th at 5 degrees of Sagittarius, quite near the Jupiter Mars square. This conglomeration is active from November 26th – November 28th. Do not get carried off on a river of misinformation and meaningless details. Rather listen to the voice of reason and/or truth that can only be heard in stillness. Then, if you must, take action.  

You can read more about Mercury’s aspects at Insights for the Month. Here are the significant dates.

Mercury retrograde November 16th (8:33 PM EST)

Mercury square Neptune: At the time of the retrograde (November 16th) but this aspect is not exact which might be a good thing! A little less confusion.

Mercury square Mars: November 26 (3:06 AM EST)

Sun conjunct Mercury: November 27th (04:15 AM EST)

Mercury conjunct Jupiter: November 27th (5:27 PM EST)

Mercury direct December 6th (04:22 PM EST)

Mercury enters the shadow of the retrograde period (setting up the issues) around October 29th and leaves the shadow, thereby indicating a release of the issues after December 25th

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Resonate with being aligned with Mercury Retrograde and make the best of this energy!

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How to wind wool mercury retrograde style…

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This Mercury retrograde update your internal GPS…

Yes, Mercury is retrograde just as most people in the northern hemisphere’s are departing for a summer vacation.   Aficionado’s will know that Mercury retrograde loves to mess with travels plans.  It’s a time when you can expect delays, lose your ticket, and get hassled at border crossing.  The location of the  party you were invited to  is not exactly showing up in your GPS or it is taking you in an unending loop.  You can get lost or at least feel lost.

How do you react when travel does not go according to plan? Do you manage the unexpected glitches with inner calm or panic? Do you look for the new opportunity or become a victim?  It can be a challenge because we are out of our comfort zone of home and being delayed or lost can trigger feelings of uncertainty that morphs into anxiety.  Not exactly a great vacation state of mind.

Mercury retrograde invites you to double check all travel plans, update your car GPS, or get a map, and have some back up plans.  Make sure your passport is up-to-date, your insurance and drivers license is where its suppose to be, check all the little pockets in your luggage before putting it away,  and make sure everyone you are travelling with is familiar with the plan (or find out for yourself) .   When the unexpected occurs, try to remain positive and look for the silver lining.  Maybe, the universe sent you down the wrong road to avoid an accident.

Under these circumstances, I like to play the synchronicity game to make the best of Mercury retrograde energy. Either I will reflect on the question “What is the message the universe is trying to send me?” or I will pose a question – any question (i.e. “What is my next best career move?”) .  I then look to the subsequent ensuing events as answers to my questions.  Either way it is an opportunity for inner reflection.   When travel goes offtrack – at least I am sure I am on the road less traveled.

with love and light


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