How to wind wool mercury retrograde style…

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This Mercury retrograde update your internal GPS…

Yes, Mercury is retrograde just as most people in the northern hemisphere’s are departing for a summer vacation.   Aficionado’s will know that Mercury retrograde loves to mess with travels plans.  It’s a time when you can expect delays, lose your ticket, and get hassled at border crossing.  The location of the  party you were invited to  is not exactly showing up in your GPS or it is taking you in an unending loop.  You can get lost or at least feel lost.

How do you react when travel does not go according to plan? Do you manage the unexpected glitches with inner calm or panic? Do you look for the new opportunity or become a victim?  It can be a challenge because we are out of our comfort zone of home and being delayed or lost can trigger feelings of uncertainty that morphs into anxiety.  Not exactly a great vacation state of mind.

Mercury retrograde invites you to double check all travel plans, update your car GPS, or get a map, and have some back up plans.  Make sure your passport is up-to-date, your insurance and drivers license is where its suppose to be, check all the little pockets in your luggage before putting it away,  and make sure everyone you are travelling with is familiar with the plan (or find out for yourself) .   When the unexpected occurs, try to remain positive and look for the silver lining.  Maybe, the universe sent you down the wrong road to avoid an accident.

Under these circumstances, I like to play the synchronicity game to make the best of Mercury retrograde energy. Either I will reflect on the question “What is the message the universe is trying to send me?” or I will pose a question – any question (i.e. “What is my next best career move?”) .  I then look to the subsequent ensuing events as answers to my questions.  Either way it is an opportunity for inner reflection.   When travel goes offtrack – at least I am sure I am on the road less traveled.

with love and light


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Scrubbing the “To Do” List clean

Looking at the gold of Mercury retrograde, I love the aspect of addressing unfinished business.  For me that translates into dozens of “To Do” lists.  I have so many that some have fallen of the edge of my table, are still filed under last April or May or are completely missing in action.  I love having the lists for the euphoria of being able to cross something off.  However, if at the end of the day the 10 things I wanted to complete are still on the list, I feel a little defeated.

This Mercury retrograde seems to be anticipating me!  Since the shadow of this Mercury retrograde started up, I have consciously said NO to several new things; resisted going to the sales at the fabric stores, and at least consolidated my projects list.  I have found myself not haphazardly putting stuff away from my crafting world but organizing each item’s placement in my world.  I emptied the bottom drawer of my 1990’s wide drawer filing cabinet and filled it with the numerous small sewing projects (Tea cozies, wall hangings, bags etc) and went the distance to take a picture of each one to create an actual file and list of projects – the ultimate to do list.   The net result is that i can now see my office floor and while my shelves are not yet sporting a minimalist look…they look organized!

It is enough of a shift that i actually feel a huge space opening of inner freedom and a stream of motivation to tackle the remaining lists!   Mercury retrograde begins on Wednesday July 25th and Julie and I will be doing the alignment session that day.  I am looking forward to the expansive energy the session will bring to everyone in the group and how my to do lists will be helped!

How are you anticipating and using the positive energy of Mercury Retrograde?

With love and light

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Flavor of Mercury retrograde July  25 – August 19

Mercury retrograde in Leo reminds us to be aware of the two sides of pride: the kind that ‘goeth before a fall’ and the other kind that is about self-esteem and a feeling of belonging in the world. We are beset these days will all manner of terrifying narcissistic behaviors in our leaders.  Mercury retrograde always encourages us to look within, to listen to the still small voice, to reconsider if things are the way we think they are. When the outside world is so chaotic we may find it especially difficult, as individuals, to know who we are in some of the most fundamental ways.

The journey of this retrograde period involves a square to Jupiter in Scorpio on August 11th. I think Jupiter, as it has journeyed through Scorpio since October 2017, has a lot to do with the ‘me too’ movement. It’s not easy to look at the places where we have been betrayed, even harder when it seems we have done it to ourselves. But to not look is the more difficult choice in the end. Mercury retrograde calls us to look at the effect of betrayal or misuse of power in our lives. And to do this with kindness toward ourselves first, then extending it to others if possible. Only if possible.

The most important day of any Mercury retrograde period is the conjunction with the Sun which happens on August 8th. Given that there is always a whisper on the wind when Mercury conjuncts the Sun; something we need to hear even if we aren’t sure what it means at first, it’s always a good day to take some time and see if you get any messages. It can also be a time when it’s important to open yourself up to messages that are coming from outside you (in your mail or email box, through the chat with your neighbor…). In Leo the intuitive, artistic, creative qualities of mind can be very powerful.

You can read more about Mercury’s aspects at Insights for the Month. Here are the significant dates.

Mercury retrograde 26th (1:03 AM EDT)

Sun conjunct Mercury August 8th (10:06 PM EDT)

Mercury square Jupiter, August 11th (2:32 AM EDT)

Mercury direct August 19th (00:25 AM EDT)

Mercury enters the shadow of the retrograde period (setting up the issues) around July 8th and releases the issues after September 2nd.

Join the Aligned for Mercury Retrograde alignment healing session with Carolyn Winter and I on July 25th 2018.  We will broadcast live on video conferencing.  The recording is available afterward.   Click here for more information and  to register. 

Warm regards,


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