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I am not used to blogging. It seems like a way to pour the contents of your unregulated mind onto the blank page. No wonder the world is so confused … an abundance of stream of consciousness may be difficult to digest. Forgive me for starting with a doubt.

The subjects dominating everyone’s mind at the moment is THE ECONOMY and of course THE ELECTIONS. Worthy subjects. It will be interesting if they come up with a bail-out package and implement it while Mercury is retrograde. Given that they probably haven’t been ‘aligned’ this could mean that there will be some loopholes, some deception but all in all it is interesting that Mercury is Retrograde in Libra – the sign of negotiation, contracts, debate and the rules of engagement – and there is so much of that going on.

If you want an entertaining albeit insightful look at Mercury (Hermes) and his fellow Olympians I recommend a book called, Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips. She’s done a good job of giving the gods (some of whom are also the planets) personalities.


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I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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  1. Annie Bourgeois says:

    Hi Julie; I’m a little confused, primarily because I am not particularly familiar with the significance of the Mercury Retrograde, as to what all of this exactly means for most of us….. in laymans’ terms. We are just heading into it, whatever the ‘it’ is, during the next couple of days, so I was just curious as to what the average person (such as myself) could expect? Or what should we be watching out for? Or is there something special that we should be doing? I would definitely love to learn more on the subject, it you could spare some time to elaborate on it for me! I would really appreciate your feedback and insights.
    Respectfully curious,

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for your posting. You can go to the website for Aligned for Mercury Retrograde and read all about it. Once you have done that let me know what questions you might have. Generally speaking the idea is that while Mercury is retrograde a person should be more open to synchronicity, less driven to make things happen that aren’t really happening and mindful of important details that could be lost or misplaced. It’s a good time to practice mindfulness (but of course any time is good for that!.

  3. karen kent says:

    Please get me on for this Julie and Carolyn! That is, aligned for less persperation and more for creating and having all the resources I need.

    • juliesimmons says:

      Hi Karen,
      Not sure when you sent this! Did you get into the repatterning? It’s never too late. One of the entertaining things about Mercury retrograde is that it embraces all events that have ‘re’ at the beginning such as, remember, regret, and retroactive. We hope that when people are aligned they will avoid the regret side of things and lean toward the more positive ‘re’ things. At any rate it is never to late to align yourself with our program because it works retroactively!

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