Mercury Retrograde Quilting Lessons!

HPIM0981Julie says of this Mercury Retrograde…” After it reenters Taurus (see below) there is a sense of wanting to challenge empty promises and sort through till you find what is really real.” 

The empty promise for me lies in my quilt project – a pattern I had erroneously assessed as looking easy to do!

 I started a quilt last fall. Actually it started nearly 2 years ago, when I attended the quilt fair in Bobcaygeon Ontario with my friend Cheryl Redfern. It was one of my first big walking excursions after having bi-lateral hip replacement surgery. We walked through the pioneer village looking at hundreds of quilts on display from the surrounding counties.  In the sales area I hoped to pick up something as a momento of the day.  A fabulous looking star-shaped quilted table cloth sample on the wall seemed to fit the bill.  Quite honestly, it looked very easy to make for a novice quilter like myself.  I bought the pattern and some wonderful fabric on sale. This should be a no brainer I thought, – something I could whip up on a Sunday afternoon.

 It turned out not to be that easy, with each of 8 blocks comprised of 8 different shapes including parallelograms, squares, triangles and diamonds. This was a project that called for a skill that I have not yet mastered – precision sewing. I managed to cut most of the pieces in the fall of 2008 but there they sat until this Mercury retrograde. 

Taking Julie’s advice, I did avoid the more alluring new projects calling to me from my inventory and did the Mercury retrograde thing of cleaning up unfinished business by tackling this quilt project.  The frustrating part was that each piece ended up being sewn at least twice and sometimes 3 times, as I ripped out seams to re-sew them and get them perfectly straight.   What you might ask has this to do with being aligned for Mercury retrograde? 

Well,… in the past, that project probably would have stayed in the box once I cut out the shapes and realized how difficult the whole thing was.   A few years later, when closet space reached a premium I would have thrown it away out of frustration. 

However, this time I stayed the course, actually testing Julie’s advice that Mercury retrograde is a great time to finish things up – clean up old business so to speak.  I wasn’t even that frustrated when I had to re-do many of the pieces 2 and 3 times! In the past that maneuver alone would also qualify to send the project to it’s grave. 

This time was much different. I didn’t even panic or give in when the final seam was sewn rendering not a table cloth but a baseball cap!   No – I engaged the help of a repatterning colleague and good friend Kathie Joblin who IS a precision sewer and actually knows what a parallelogram is! She spent an entire afternoon with me analyzing the problem, ripping out more seams and doing the final corrections – coaching me along the way. 

The table cloth is now flat and ready for the actually quilting.

Mercury Retrograde alignment this time round taught me the value of patience, the satisfaction of completion, the warmth of friendship, AND my skills for precision sewing are now fully ramped up!    

“Once Mercury goes direct we will find it easier to move forward with our ideals because they have greater substance than they had before it went retrograde” – Julie Simmons

Throughout the retrograde I constantly thought about the next big projects and now that the retrograde is over, I am feeling more confident, self-assured and inspired to start another one with more challenge, and difficulty.  Creatively, a project will no longer sit on a shelf because I lack confidence in my skills – I will just add to my skills by practicing and getting help!   

Some of the other delightful Mercury Retrograde alignments that happened for me were…
– Loosing my new eye glasses in  rush to get 5 errands done in 1 hour. After checking with folks at the bank, the library and post office – I found them hiding in the shadows between the car seat and the seatbelt holder on the floor of the car.   Luckily I did not replace them in the 5 days they went missing saving at least $200.00!

– My computer of course faded one day and I had no access for an entire weekend.  The relief was that it was only a burned out memory card and the blessing was that I now have more memory than before, not to mention the bonus a few days for contemplation offline!

What were the highlights of your life during Mercury retrograde?  Where did you experience alignment?

With light and love



About Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.
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