Stories of Aligned for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury went direct at 9:15AM here in Toronto last September 29th.  Today I can finally feel the breeze of a new energy as the retrograde period dims in my memory.  I have to share my last AMR encounter, something delivered by the trickest lest I forget its presence.

Unconsciously, I left my bank card in the bank machine earlier in the week, likely at the peak of the retrograde.  Luckily (and I consider this the alignment part), the machine ate my card after I had walked away, – an unexpected security feature of this bank.  I didn’t actually realize my card was missing until 5 days later and still in the retrograde frequency, and was told by officials to get it replaced at the bank in person with 2 pieces of ID.  So I contentedly went to the bank and presented my passport, but unbelievably my second photo ID – a pouch containing my drivers license and other important stuff was just GONE!!!! Gone from my purse.  I looked and looked and looked again. It was not there. Luckily a non photo ID was accepted by the bank.

Frantically, I rced home, and spent the next hour retracing my steps of the last 7 days. “Where could it have gone”- I wondered.  The one possibility was a grocery store I had been in the same day as loosing my card. Perhaps I had left the pouch on the counter when I paid.  So while waiting for my sleuthing sister who was helping with this search, I called Julie for some astrological advice for the panic strickened.  Her description of my chart at that moment was hilarious but true. I was very scattered and the moon void of course day didn’t help. She said urgency was of the essence and to move quickly.    It was encouraging words that suggested I had a window of opportunity to find my ID.  I yelled to my sister “Hurry up -we have to go NOW” and made a bolt for my purse to looked inside and grab my car keys.  Instead my eyes landed on my missing pouch with the ID.  It was as though the trickster was right there laughing his fool head off.

So the aligned part was happily finding all that was lost without the worst possible disasters.

My thanks to Julie for her wisdom!

With Love and light


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  1. Dodie Hyde says:

    I have had myself aligned for Mercury Retrograde for the last three years so I know it works I especially realized it worked when I neglected to join the Mercury Retro sessions last January. I was too busy and forgot about it. What a terrible time I had. Everything went wrong and I felt disorganized and “ratty” the entire 3 weeks. It took me a while to realize what was causing my lack of stability but when it dawned on me that I had forgotten to sign up for the sessions for this year, I immediatley called Carolyn and joined the next 3 sessions. Life has been great ever since and I sail through Mercury ‘s backward voyage.

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