Flavor of Mercury retrograde October 13 – November 3 2020

This particular Mercury retrograde begins on the same day that Mars opposes the Sun – the exact midpoint of Mars’ retrograde period. For those who are tuned into the Mars retrograde it makes sense to see it as a time to meet our challenges. We need to question how things are or risk endangering ourselves and others with a dream-like longing for the past or fantasy about the future. Mercury is adding its voice to the story of protest and violence that Mars started. We are asked to pause and consider. One way to look at it is that Mars isn’t just about violence, it’s about breakthrough, birth and energy all of which we need to move forward and Mercury, in its own way, can support those qualities, if we let it. 

Mercury reminds us that we have much to gain when we transform the raw energy of fear into a force for change. This Mercury period reminds us to take time and to anchor our felt sense of things to reason. There are no guarantees where this journey is taking us. One thing that is clear, however, is that we are not tourists; more like pilgrims.

As Mercury journeys through its retrograde period it will activate Uranus, showering us with unexpected and disruptive information about ‘real’ things. On October 27th Mercury will retrograde back into Libra where it will activate the same planets that Mars has been stirring up, underscoring the cracks which we have all witnessed in the structures that are meant to uphold our culture. 

Daunting as this may seem in the moment it’s important avoid making significant decisions from a place of despair or denial. It’s actually a time to think creatively as we engage with other cultural creatives. While Mercury is retrograde (until November 3) we benefit from being really good listeners. Collaboration requires the sharing of thoughts and ideas. Once Mercury and Mars are both direct (November 13 for Mars) we will begin to slowly integrate all the changes that 2020 has heaped upon us. The world and each of us alive in it at this time are engaged in a massive transformation. As these planets go direct we gain a lot by taking inventory of all we have lost, all we have learned and most important, what we plan to do about it.

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