Mercury is Retrograde August 20th 2010 by Julie Simmons

Mercury Retrograde from August 20th – September 12th

 Themes:  The overall general theme of Mercury retrograde is about reflection.  It offers us a time to be more reflective about life on planet earth, to contemplate and to create order by eliminating things that block our clarity.  Therefore it is generally a good time to write, edit meditate, retreat and organize.  Based on the sign it is in at the time it makes this journey, we find more specific direction about what is required at this time.

This period of Mercury Retrograde will be in the sign of Virgo the whole time. Mercury is said to be both at home and exalted in this sign. Basically what that means is that our ability to think is enhanced by Virgo perceptions. Virgo encourages us to puzzle; to fit the pieces together and make things work. During a retrograde period this suggests that any project we are involved in will benefit if we go over what we have learned. We can also gain insight when we allow ourselves to play with different possibilities from the ones we were sure about before August 20th. Even if these retrograde patterns don’t pan out ultimately they will offer new ways of seeing our projects.  A little clowning around could go a long way toward shaking up the pattern enough to break through to a better one.

Below you will find the days when Mercury interacts with other planets. These are times when the story that Mercury is telling is highlighted.

September 3: Sun conjunct Mercury: This is the big news of every Mercury retrograde period. The whole dance happens at all because of the relationship between Mercury and the Sun. In general the Sun burns up Mercury when it’s retrograde and this indicates we have to be careful to think clearly in the midst of confusion but on the day they are conjunct we are meant to find mercy at the heart of our confusion or/and disorientation. In this case it is a time to suspend criticism and anxiety and simply listen to the body. Let the mind still and feel into your intestines to be specific. (Virgo rules the small intestine and the corresponding ability to sort through things – separating the useful from the useless). The power of Mercury in Virgo is found in our ability to create the larger by keeping the smaller parts healthy and connected to the whole.

July 30th: Mercury trine Pluto: This is exact during the shadow period, before the actual retrograde but it’s significant because when Mercury actually goes direct in September it will do so at the same degree of Pluto’s station in April. Essentially what this shows us is that there is a connection between the two planets; and a good one! When Mercury meets Pluto the offering is profound thought. It is a good time for detectives and researchers. Digging around in the muck will bring results; an archeologists delight! Don’t be afraid to plumb the depths. This is also very strong from September 9th – 17th.

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