Mercury is Retrograde December 10th 2010

Watch for the moon eclipse during this Mercury retrograde

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn and goes back to Sagittarius when it goes direct. There are a lot of tangles in this particular retrograde period. It makes the retrograde station on December 10th very close to Pluto and the North Node as well as Mars. (Mars catches up between the 12th and 15th of December). This indicates that the best of intentions need to be patiently and seriously reconsidered. There could be reasons that we should do this which have to do with far reaching consequences. The sense of ambition to achieve a goal is very strong but the time is not quite yet.

As Mercury travels its retrograde path it will then square Uranus (December 21st) and Jupiter (December 22nd). This reminds us that we are a planet on the brink. On the 21st there is a visible Full Moon eclipse at 2:12 AM, in the last degree of Sagittarius. as well as Winter Solstice at 6:39 PM the same day. This is a strong statement of endings and beginnings. It suggests that we are feeling the tension of changes that must be made but the retrograde feeling is that we are not quite ready.

After Mercury goes direct many of these issues will hopefully resolve themselves with care and consideration of all involved parties.

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I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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5 Responses to Mercury is Retrograde December 10th 2010

  1. Christián Carman says:

    It doesn’t seem to be a picture of a Moon eclipse, for the shadow of the Earth is around the apparent size of the Moon and we know that the Shadow of the Earth is around 2.5 times the apparent size of the Moon. Are you sure it is picture of a Moon eclipse?

    • juliesimmons says:

      Hi Christian,
      Thanks for your observation. I am not sure about the photo but i will check. Did you see the lunar eclipse back then? it was quite a sight. It was a while ago however so i don’t know what i will come up with in terms of checking the photo. If you have eclipse glasses or a pinhole camera you can see the Transit of Venus tonight. that will be interesting!

    • It was the only picture I could find to illustrate the story.


  2. Christián Carman says:

    Dear Julie,

    Thank you very much for you reply. That’s fine. It is just a picture. Nevertheless, I am almost sure that it is a picture of a crescent or waning moon. If you, for example just google “moon eclipse” and see the pictures, you will see that in all of them the shadow size is much bigger. But, that’s fine. Your webpage is very nice!

  3. Julie says:

    I’m glad you like the webpage and i thank you for your observation. Keep us on track!

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