How Can We Repattern Mercury Retrograde?

LOL looking back at the early days of doing this online healing program, I sometimes think I was tempting fate or Mercury the Trickster himself.   Throughout the creation of the program design and website, my internet connection would go down, the phone started acting up, if anything could go wrong it did and Mercury wasn’t even in retrograde.  It was almost as though the Trickster was in the room with me saying “Oh yeah?”   You can’t make me change!

So a Capricorn healer and an astrologer meet the Trickster head on with a repatterning concept to help everyone resonate with aligning their energy for Mercury retrograde.

As a macro pattern of sorts, of course, the earlier problems in setting up the program were related to the clearing of an energetic pathway for this particular group proxy concept to be birthed.   The first few sessions Julie and I facilitated felt like we were clearing the birthing issues for the planets retrograde reputation.  At that time in 2004, you couldn’t find many positive things written about Mercury retrograde on the web.  Astrologers and seekers alike were focusing on the doom and gloom of it all.    A quick internet search today and I am happy to report that many if not most reputable astrologers are writing about the opportunity or upside of Mercury retrograde. So perhaps we’ve changed the hologram for this lens of astrology by offering this program.

So what does it mean to repattern anything let alone Mercury retrograde?  In the Resonance Repatterning healing system,  an underlying principle is to clear energy pathways so that we resonate with what we want and clear our resonant patterns of pain, limitation or blocks we think we don’t want.   This system of self-healing is all about awareness, and being aligned with our most perfect energy state.   There are no magic bullets.  We chip away at patterns as life happens, including Mercury retrograde.   With every session we do, we uncover patterns that need to come to awareness in order to release them or new patterns to integrate into our awareness and psyche for our desired outcomes.    The resonance repatterning system uses muscle checking (sometime known as testing) to check the energy of the group for resonance.  We are either “ON” for something vibrating in our energy field or “OFF” for something.

Typically in a repatterning session, even though we mentally are clear about things we don’t want, we find that often our problems stem from an invisible resonance with the pattern or problem we are trying to release.  We are “ON” for having the problem.  What we resonate with is then what we experience in our reality.  It can be very frustrating!

Throughout the AMR session Julie and I find the coherent pattern needed for each astrological house for this group in conjunction with this retrograde.  Then we check on the precise healing modality needed to shift the energy of the group so that we resonate with the positive and life enhancing patterns  and stop resonating with the negative.  Typically we also recommend an optional action that group members may do for themselves in relation to the session to integrate the session.

What problems do you typically face during Mercury retrograde?  If you consistently experience Mercury retrograde with many negative outcomes that you feel are related, chances are you are resonating with having a problematic Mercury retrograde or the issues it triggers.  There are all the usual ones to do with contracts, communications, travel and equipment breaking down etc.  Additionally, it may also be that there are core issues trying to get your attention at this time for healing and transformation.  Afterall, Mercury retrograde LOVES cleaning up unfinished business!!!!

A resonance repatterning session either in person or as part of an online group session such as the one Julie and I offer, can help you become aware of the problem and dynamically take action you could not do in the past OR attract a more positive response from the people around you.  I fondly remember being double booked for a session without knowing it and the two clients involved called me the day before to alter their schedules!  That’s alignment in action drawing out the positive from others!

Follow us at this blog when  Mercury is retrograde to remind yourself of what you need to be doing.  If you would like to deepen your experience of this astrological event, Julie and I would love to support you.  Visit our registration links for more information.

With light and love

Carolyn Winter

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