Mercury Retrograde August 2 – 26, 2011

Mercury will make it’s retrograde station on August 2nd at 1 degree of Virgo. First I will give a general description of the theme of this retrograde period. Below that I will give a more detailed astrological discussion of it.

What this means for us mundane characters trying to get along in our lives as best we can is that this retrograde period is a time to sort through old, worn out perspectives; a time to clear the clutter of ideologies and thought patterns that are entrenched but not useful any more. Retrograde Mercury suggests a time to contemplate this; not to take radical action. Consider the conversation of your life. Is it interesting? Do your friends and associates get what you get or is there a gap? Is the gap only a mental gap? If so maybe the heart connection makes it worthwhile.

The actual station on August 2nd is loosely opposite Neptune who will be leaving Pisces and returning to Aquarius for one last fling on August 4th. Neptune will not return to Pisces again till February 4th.
The interesting thing about this is that the actual opposition is not exact until August 8th and will be in 29 degrees of Leo; bringing out the 29 degree theme once again. (The theme of the end of the end but not quite the beginning of the beginning. Chaos, change and revolution. This theme has been strong at least since at the eclipse on the Winter solstice.)

These factors suggest that our retrograde experience might have something to do with the need for radical change in the ways we think as well as the things we think about. The last degree of Aquarius is a difficult transition because Aquarius is a sign, more than any other, that likes to hold on to it’s way of thinking. Whereas Pisces is about letting things be just as they are. You can see that Aquarius needs Pisces because it can be too attached to ideas and ideals and Pisces follows Aquarius because a well cultivated mind prepares us to let go with awareness rather than ignorance.

The conjunction of Mercury to the Sun which is the heart of the retrograde will also include Venus and it is exact on the 16th of August at 23 degrees of Leo. The days leading up to and just after this date are good for the deepest contemplation of your attachments. A time to look at attachments of the heart vs. attachments of the mind. Do you think you love this person or do you really love them? What is love anyway? (Good question. No problem if you can’t answer it, more problem if you think you can!)

All in all, this Mercury retrograde is about Virgo and Pisces as well as Leo and Aquarius: Our sense of compassion and service as well as our social reality. Becoming more aware of your social reality will help you move into a more compassionate caring for this world which will be intensely required when Neptune moves into Pisces next February.

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I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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  1. Ellen says:

    Thank you for your clarity on this topic.

  2. HI, Julie,
    I’m trying to pull in the reference to 29 degrees of Aquarius – are you saying that Neptune will be in 29 degrees of Aquarius when Mercury is in 29 degrees of Leo? That the retrograde is about intellect vs mysticism and delusion? And how does the conjunction of Mercury to the Sun include Venus?
    Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me. –

    • juliesimmons says:

      Once i post my insights for Leo (coming up) i will have more to say but what i mean is that Mercury is both opposite Neptune in the early part of Virgo and Pisces and then shortly after in the 29th degrees of Leo and Aquarius. It lasts a while. Mercury retrograde is always at it’s peak with the conjunction to the Sun. that is an important place from which to understand the retrograde. just so happens that Venus is in the mix as well this time.

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  5. Lokesh Gupta says:

    Hi Julie,
    I am Lokesh from India. I have just changed my job but would like to join my old job again. Can i go back to my old job in a Mercury retrograde?
    Thanks for your help.

    • juliesimmons says:

      Hi Lokesh,
      Returning to an old job during a Mercury Retrograde period seems quite reasonable to me.

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  7. Lokesh Gupta says:

    Many thanks Julie.

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  9. D says:

    Hi – just noticed that the state board exam for profession going into is in mercury retrograde -August 16th – could this impact as exam is only avail twice a year and requires travel to get to location offered? saw retrogradeperiod in an email just before checking ticket availability and hadnt even considered that when making travel plans – and great blog – found it while searching for info on travel

  10. hello i am going through a relationship issue. i am leo sun sign, capricorn moon, and cancer rising… she is scorpio sagitarrius cusp for sun sign, virgo moon, and virgo rising. she is pregnant with someone elses child and is about to move to california to try and work things out with the father.. but the thing is i feel she is doing things out of fear and not listening to the heart because we both have said we have never been so connected to anyone in our lives.. what do you think? i am giving her space, and allowing things to unfold… i am not telling her what she should do or pressuring her anymore.. i deeply love her and want to be with her but more importantly i want her to be happy..,.

    • juliesimmons says:

      I think you would do well to get aligned for mercury retrograde! these are deep issues and Virgo type people can have a lot of crises in their lives. Perhaps you are not thinking clearly. Space is good though. She will have to want to be happy for that to happen.

  11. Joni says:

    An old beau returned July 27th/11 and he is now getting cold feet again only a week later, should I ignore him? Or make him see our connection?

    • juliesimmons says:

      Oh i wouldn’t try to make him see anything. My advice, based on only Mercury retrograde is to see what he does, do very little in response and if you don’t like it then let him go. Retrograde is just like it sounds: old patterns. You can’t change him but you can definitely change yourself but not reacting in the old way.

  12. sylvia says:

    I am thinking of buying land and moving out of the city this month… Is it a good thing to do during the retrograde?

    • juliesimmons says:

      Not so good to buy a piece of land so quickly but if you have been working on it for a long time you could do it. Personally i would wait till it goes direct, however. If you are really concerned you can always do the on-line alignment. That is why we do it. So nothing slips through the cracks.

  13. munni123 says:


    I would like to change to a new project in the begining of September but all discussions need to be held in this month. I am feely really worried about this Mercury Retrograde. My DOB is 27011976-Aquarius. Someone please help.


    • juliesimmons says:

      no worries. it is very good to do the discussion with mercury retrograde and start the job after it goes direct. just know that you might not be getting all the information you need. if you have questions of the people in the discussion ask them. and think about them on your own too. don’t worry. it’s not necessary!

  14. Jennifer says:

    HI , I have been in a relationship for five years. He and I have always lived far apart from each other, the distance was not really an issue as we were just and hour and half apart from each other . However, after his last move to his hometown in Pensacola in January which is now 9 hrs from where I live, the distance has now become a hurdle. We have always worked very hard at our relationship trying to improve it and trying to help each other be better people. Working on the good and the bad stuff, It has been a difficult relationship but it has also been the most connected I have ever been to anyone in my life. He did cheat on me in the past and I on him out of revenge. Communication was our best tool in the begin but then somewhere along the way jealousy and disrespect showed up (on both our parts) replaced communication and began to build its ugly wall between us. But we both knew we had something unique, something that neither of us had never experienced before. Since he has been in Pensacola he recently was invited to a family gathering by one of his best friends from his youth. While visiting with his friend’s family he began a relationship with his best friends sister. He and I are best friends, possibly soul mates, and dynamic lovers. We have talk everyday day since we met five years ago. He has been my refuge and my strength throughout our relationship and in my life for the last five years. I cant imagine life without him. He suddenly has stopped all contact between us, he blocks my calls and emails etc…I feel like my heart has been rip from my body. He did tell me he would stop talking to me, that it is hard for him to not think about me, and that it would make it easier for me to let go of him if we didn’t talk, as he new I was going to have such a difficult time excepting this. He said he wanted to try things with her and see what might happen, He said he wanted to move on and in his mind this was the best way (sever communications).This action is so devastating to me, more then the fact that he is with another girl. I need him., I deeply need to talk to him, I am so lost without him. We are born on the same day July 20th which is also our anniversary date. I have to be honest and say I think I would do almost anything to stop his new relationship if I could. I am angry that we put so much into everything we have done together and now he has walked away overnight. This was a shock to me as up until last week I thought we were still seeing each other. Apparently he began communicating with her in the last month (July 2011). She lives 6 hrs away from him in Atlanta. I want him back desperately but I don’t know how to get to do this. He wont talk to me! I don’t know why this is happening. I don’t understand. I know nothing about astrology but someone told me Mercury was doing something this month and I was told that Mercury is the planet of communications. When she said this everything began to clicked. Is there anything you can share with me to help me understand what is happening to his and my relationship? Is there any advice? Is there a way to shouw him that it doesn’t have to be this way. Is it too late? They haven’t spent much time together as she is far away too (six hrs). But they talk every day and night like we use to. They are planning to spend this weekend together. I want to stop them, but I know this is wrong. Do I just let it happen??? I don’t know what to do …I am devastated!

    • juliesimmons says:

      Dear Jennifer, What i hear in your email is that you are very distressed and terrified you are going to suffer even more than you are already suffering! When a person is as distraught as you are it is best to take no action. Whatever you do will have all your anxiety and distress in it and that will push your situation to an even worse state. Mercury Retrograde is a time to be reflective. I realize this is hard for you but it is what you need to do. So do the Mercury retro things: clean your house, iron your clothes, organize your papers. Remember that you love yourself and if you don’t remember that spend some extra time looking for the thread of this love. It is way more important than getting him to love you. Don’t try to show him anything. Rather show yourself who you are, what your life is about. And trust the universe to take you to your own. Based solely on the fact that your birthdays are July 20th (which is only a fraction of what a chart reveals about a person) i think it will take you a while to sort this out. So no rush. The key to working it out is maturity. Both of you have to grow up to the next stage of your lives if you are to stay together. Time is on your side. Patience will be more productive than desperate action.
      Our program ‘Aligned for Mercury Retrograde’ is designed to help people stay grounded and mindful during the weeks when it occurs. Perhaps you should consider it for next time.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Julie, Thank you, your email helped me make it through the weekend. However, I am still struggling with up and down emotions. I don’t think I am doing all that well with this but I am trying. I have not attempted to contact him since I received your advice to take no action. I know he flew to Atlanta to be with her on Friday and he flies back to his home in Pensacola tonight. He is still with her…this kills me! One of the things we really never had was time alone..And he probably just spent more time alone with her then he and I ever got to in the five years of our relationship (kids, school, work, distance). I miss him, I miss talking to him, I think about all she has taken…she gets my hopes, my dreams, the love of my life , the time and attention I craved from him she gets everything and he gets to just walk away and leave me broken and alone. I try to think of other things but everything reminds me of him. I cant help but to get distracted by thoughts of him…He doesn’t have to be reminder of anything about me…for instance driving by a coffee shop or restaurant we ate at…as I never got to visit him in Pensacola he has no memories of us being together there…I don’t even know if he even thinks of me at all…he seems so preoccupied with this woman (friend) from his past that stole him from me…I truly am sad and am trying to let go…I know that there is so much more pain in the world then what I am dealing with. I am thankful for what I have in my life…but I cant help but to feel so sad, and feel so alone. He always told me the Universe was kind…and as you said also to trust in the Universe…but it seems as if the Universe is on their side…that the Mercury Retrograde has no effect on them and their communications…I want to stop him but know I cant …I did try to stop things when I first found out…but my attempts obviously failed. When he was in Naples last week he and I slept together and he lied to her and told her we didn’t …I tried to get the truth to her as I hoped she would think poorly of him if she knew…I was so disparate to get the truth to her…but somehow I’m guessing the Mercury Retrograde was not letting my communications get through…again nothing seems to be on my side in this situation…Why…what is going on.? Not that I want him to hurt I just want him to still love me and to want me not someone else..We had something …how does this happening? I would take him back if he would have me…but I just don’t think he will have anything to do with me…why must I lay broken and alone..He is the only person that every gave me any time or love or help to grow..why does he have to leave me?? I want him back ..does the retrograde revers itself when its over??????? What is the program you spoke of I would be interested…Also I had a disturbing dream the other night…Do you know anything about dream interpretation. should I try to contact him or do I just let go???

    • juliesimmons says:

      You sound like you are still obsessed which means you aren’t clear at all. just keep working on your own feelings. and understand that if you don’t ‘have him’ it’s because there is someone better for you. he wouldn’t love you enough. Sad and alone is about your past not just him. Perhaps you would benefit from some therapy. It can be useful to talk to someone when you feel the way you do and this kind of response on a blog isn’t very deep. Therapy is also a great place to take your dreams. Things don’t reverse when mercury goes direct. they work themselves through. the program we offer is what this blog is all about. It simply helps to keep you aligned with your true intention during the mercury retrograde period. sometimes our true intentions aren’t clear to our conscious mind. I hope you can get the healing you need. Although you feel broken and alone that is not your true self. that is only how you are seeing yourself in this moment.
      Do something good to take care of yourself as if you were your own beloved child.

  16. Sandy says:

    Is it O.K. to move in together when Mercury is retrograde even thought we’ve been together for almost one year?

    • juliesimmons says:

      The strict answer is ‘NO’. but it’s probably not about your relationship but the details and expectations of your living situation. Make sure you understand each other and the landlord. check the details and don’t worry about mercury retrograde. probably make sure that you didn’t forget to redirect your mail!

  17. ELMA says:

    Hello Julie, I am going thru something I really dont know if Mercury Retrograde has anything to do with it. I am experiencing lots of anxiety at night and lots of nasal dryness all the way up. This makes me have lots of anxiety and get very nervous at night. I know the weather has been very hot of late. Could you please help me in telling me if this retrograde has anything to do with what I am going thru right now and will it end soon?

    • juliesimmons says:

      Hi Elma,
      I think you should go to a medical doctor or a homeopath to get an answer to this question. The only thing i can say about Mercury retrograde is that you are asking the wrong person for advice!

  18. jmh says:

    Hi have a question. I filled a law suit on April 15 to sue someone for defamation of character. This is after a very long election process in which I was one of the candiates. Sadly I lost by 20 votes due to the defimation. Is it bad I filed (against the person who won) at this time or would you consider that wrapping up old business since we had been in the election process starting in Oct and ending April5. Thanks for you insight. I am thinking because of the date of filing this will take a long time. But I look at it as wrapping up old business.

    • juliesimmons says:

      A lot of Mercury retrograde is in the attitude – after all Mercury is the mind. So I am definitely in agreement with you that this is about wrapping up old business. No matter how long it takes (as long as it isn’t too costly) it sounds like a necessary thing for you to do. It’s truly offensive that people win elections by defaming the character of their opponents. In any case you are making an important statement about that. As Mercury is (among other things) the planet of liars and thieves I am glad you are taking it on.

  19. Annie says:

    Beautiful Julie, thank you for your insight. I am falling in love with a man who was previously in a relationship, and while in this relationship him and I have developed a deep friendship the past two months, very aware of our strong connection and always having trouble staying platonic. Right after mercury retrograde began, he broke up with her. Since then, we have been more open about our feelings for each other, and we have finally been physically intimate, but I am also conscious of the fact that he may need space and time and I know he wants to focus on his career and make money to spend more time with his son. I respect this, but at the same time I want our bond to be honored and do not want to be physical with anyone else, although I understand he has this right, but I also do not want to settle for someone just submitting to their physical urges rather than recognizing and respecting my spirit. I feel our love could blossom and be amazing over time, but I am also afraid and not sure if I should relax and enjoy it for what it is or step back and remove the physical aspect until and if he is ever ready to pursue something more meaningful and solid with me. I am a rising Leo, born Oct 25th of 1985, he was born May 1, 1977. Please offer any advice, it would be much appreciated. He is a very important person to me, and I love myself. Thank you so much – many blessings!

    • juliesimmons says:

      Hi Annie,
      Nothing like a Scorpio and a Taurus. Very hot. Since you have opened the door to physical intimacy you probably don’t need to shut it. Rather i think you need to corral your thoughts about where this is going. It’s always good to remember that grabbing on to love is a real relationship killer. The greatest concern is if he broke up with his other girlfriend while mercury is retro they might reconcile. You have to wait that out. But the real issue is about not letting your mind run away with your heart and body and trusting the process rather than having to control it. Such is the lot of Scorpios.

  20. Annie says:

    Thank you so much! Very helpful, and actually EXACTLY what my tarot card reading the other day was implying. I do know I have to work on that feeling of lack of control. So grateful 🙂

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  22. Lex says:


    My ex dude came back after 1 yr of silent talking. He coincidently moved in the same neighborhood I live. He started by saying there are NO coincidences, and we should talk and make peace. I dumped him last yr for many reasons including the fact he cheated n treated me like shit. Him contacting me again messed me up, I had to face the same old emotions again. Then a friend suggested I text “forget it. It’s over”. Which I did. Since then, of course, no news. But I’m still feeling restless. If Mercury is the planet of thieves and liars and that’s what he was doing, he was repeating the same old pattern. I, however, did not. I simply cut all communication being too blunt. Should I go back to him and have a conversation with him, knowing I do not want back with him, I just want to feel finally at peace & moving on? Thank you.
    I’m hesitating as to how to deal with a liar…other than telling him to leave me alone .

    • juliesimmons says:

      I would say, NO! No point in talking because you have nothing to gain at all. How to deal with a liar is simple: Don’t! Especially with Mercury in the picture. It only means you are lying to yourself.

  23. Lex says:

    thank you Julie for your quick answer. I have nothing to gain at all…Starting over again would mean putting myself in the same predicament. He cheats and manipulates his world for his own benefit. I loved him really that’s why I wanted to have this final talk with him, to finally let him go along with the past & frustrations. But he wants to burry the hatchet, ease his conscience, which mean I would unconsciously condone his neglecting me….And I can’t do that. EVER!
    I guess I’ll have to let go by writing a letter that I will keep to myself, but not giving him the happiness of thinking that once again, I’m wrapped around his lying little finger.
    I’ll stay strong. For once, I’ve said NO. I am sure I can cut the ties without having to TALK to him…would make me happy….

    • juliesimmons says:

      This is a wonderful thing you are doing. When we apply awareness to our instinctive behavior we progress on all levels. I’m sure that closing this door will open a better one. Life seems to work that way. Happy Mercury Direct!

  24. Tres says:

    Well, today is August 26 – whew – the light is visible at the end of the tunnel! I participated in your Alignment for Mercury Retrograde session and really enjoyed it. Let’s say it was rather uneventful for me in any negative way – which was exactly what I was hoping for.

    Of course, all around me at work and in my personal life folks were having computer and phone problems. One perfect example story is that around the first week into MR the lady I sit by had her computer go out twice and her smartphone gave out completely – she’s been without a fully functional phone for three weeks now waiting for it to get approved… because the request got LOST – of course. I had one tiny computer glitch with my wi-fi at home which turned out to be a bad cord only. I had a spare cord handy and was back up and running in no time – and that didn’t happen until this week, yea!

    On another note – I did a major spring clean and had my house painted on the outside – which wasn’t pre-planned. A guy came by and offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse… is that what you mean by entraining? Trust me, every time I drove into my driveway for the past two months I thought – I’ve GOT to paint my house, so it needed it! You gotta love it when things like that happen.

    Anyway, there is some pleasure in looking back to see that I was spared any major snafus while I watched things happening around me. I want to thank you for the work you do, and for allowing me the opportunity to participate. I can’t wait for the next Mercury Retrograde – “I think” – ha.

    • juliesimmons says:

      Thanks for your email. It’s a great description of the agony and the ecstasy of Mercury retrograde. It does seem to help to be aligned! Personally, I’m glad to have 3 months in between!

  25. Jennifer says:

    Hello Julie, He called me on August 26th 1:55am his time 2:55am my time. We spoke for over two hours. It was a good talk even though I couldn’t help to cry a lot of the time. He then called back on the morning of the 29th. I had been praying that he would call and a feeling came over me to go into the water, a special place where he and I use to go. The moment both my feet were in the water he called! Another good talk. Recently I have been shown to look for the sings and have been getting messages from all types of sources…radio, the earth, the sky, the animals, the Universe, books, etc. It seems that the messenger is suggesting we may reunite, Although I get mixed messages from him. This confuses me of coarse. We have communicated the night before last and yesterday as well. Yesterday was a hard day for me as I still feel a huge void. He doesn’t seem to like when I am weak and the communications weren’t as good this time but.still okay. This was the only time I reached out to him (August 30th) since you suggested I do nothing, thank you for that advice, they were the right words for me. All other contact was initiated by him. I spent the rest of the retrograde period reflecting and perfecting, looking deep within to who I am. I can forgive the world and myself for all of the past. I don’t need to live in the past or the future any longer. It was my pain source. I look for the NOW it is all we have. I know he and I have a special bound and he believes this too. He prayed for me and I prayed for him and God and the Universe brought us together 5 years ago! We had a very profound experience the night we met. Our souls connected before our eyes, we were surrounded by a beautiful red orange glow. It was amazing for us both! I don’t want to give up on us, I know it can still work. (As far as I know you only get one soul mate.) For all that I have reflected on and forgiven and over come during this time, there is only one thing that stands out and that is my love for him and the belief that we will be together again. I think that it is because, it is the only thing that is left that was actually real when mercury went direct. The Universe continues to bring to me a good message of hope and promise that we will reunite, but I still get mixed signals from him. I don’t know what comes next as far as astrology goes, but I am now a new believer, I hope to learn more, and hope that the messages I am getting are real and true!

    • juliesimmons says:

      That’s great for you. You learned something useful, now don’t forget it! May the course of your true love run smooth.

  26. MB says:

    Hi – taking a frofession board exam during mercury retrograde end of November ,2011 and I’m a virgo. What is your recommendation?

    • juliesimmons says:

      Hi MB,
      My advice is that you study like stink when you study. After you are done take 15 minutes to sit and let it all sink in. You could play music (no words) or meditate (excellent) or even take a bath (low lights, candle, incense). It’s not a bad time to take an exam unless you don’t listen to your inner wisdom.

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