Chaos, Change and Revolution

According to astrologer (and colleague) Julie Simmons, in her pst about the upcoming August 2 2011 Mercury retrograde, this present position of the retrograde ‘brings out a theme that has been strong since the eclipse of the last winter solstice – the end of the end and not quite the beginning of the beginning. Chaos, change and revolution.’

I have been noticing examples of the pattern everywhere lately ..

– political parties like the Canadian federal Liberals or the USA Republicans (I know – in the same sentence) are kinda over as we have know them.  Their best days seem to be gone and fresh new ideas of governance relevant to the people have not quite arrived.   I am reminded of the recent New York Times columnist David Brooks (the Mother of All No Brainers) writing about his own disappointment in the Republicans calling the party no longer normal.  Here are some other examples:

– the World News publication is over, really over but saying sorry and exposing the truth has not launched a hoped for rebirth.

– on a different scale, in my apartment block ignoring a crumbling balcony situation has given way to a last minute spring time decision made during the last Mercury retrograde to have them repaired on two large buildings. The construction disrupting many households including mine, won’t be over until October. The result will be safety.

– Our city of Toronto is gutting long held ‘have to have’ decisions such as the Jarvis street bike lane (gone next year) 50,000 city jobs gone, privatization of many services, planned graffiti programs  eliminated… has the revolution gone too far?  We are likely not arrived at the true new beginning enough to know.

For this August 2, examine the chaos, change and revolution in your life.  What do you resonate with and what ‘entrenched thought patterns’ do you need to let go of? What plans will you make to manage the your own inner revolution?

Your stories are welcomed! Leave a comment below (or click the title of this post and then scroll down to the comment box.)

With light and love
Carolyn Winter

About Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.
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8 Responses to Chaos, Change and Revolution

  1. Tommy says:

    I just came across this site, and am appreciating all the insight. I’m currently in the process of preparing for a move from Calgary to Toronto. I had signed a lease for August 1st, back in June and just recently decided to see how this corresponds with the Mercury retrograde. Part of me is fearful of going through such a major move at a time like this (especially after finding out where it falls), but on a personal level this move definitely fits with the theme mentioned in the title and first paragraph – “the end of the end and not quite the beginning of the beginning. Chaos, change and revolution.” Honestly, there is little practical reason for this move, no job transfer or anything like that; it’s very much a personal move and one I’ve been plotting for some time now. In a nutshell, this decision has less to do with money and more to do with clearing out the old and moving on from the past. Funny enough, I had left my last job just before Christmas (during yet another Mercury retrograde) having saved up, aiming to move a lot earlier in the year. I read somewhere that things started during a Mercury retrograde, tend to complete themselves during another Mercury retrograde, so it seems that’s also happening here.. At the moment, just keeping myself prepared, cautious, flexible and hopeful for a beneficial Mercury retrograde period.

    • juliesimmons says:

      Hi Tommy,
      Sounds like you have a fix on how Mercury Retrograde plays into your journey. I think that you should just make sure you have your details on straight. Your story is a perfect candidate for our program, “Aligned For Mercury Retrograde”. Clearly you want to be aligned with this energy since you did the same thing during another Mercury retrograde. I think that aligning yourself would possibly help you stabilize the journey a bit. It’s a little more than just ‘hoping for a beneficial Mercury retrograde period.’ Hope is good and alignment is better!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I didn’t realize you are in Toronto – same city as me! I really enjoy this website and find myself reading even when the trickster isn’t in retrograde. Thank you!

    And Tommy – I just moved into a new apartment on August 1st. I don’t feel nervous about it though, because I signed the lease a month ago. Best wishes to you!

  3. Maureen says:

    As a double Virgo, this period terrifies me. I am glad to have this community in which to face that terror. How appropriate that I’m working on a drama/comedy series that’s all about fear and dependence and being centred – or not. Funny and touching and achingly familiar. The last two days were fairly wild on set for everyone but me. Tasks that defeated me a week ago have become simple. Events I couldn’t WILL into being are slipping into place. When I couldn’t make schedules mesh, I walked away from my computer. I retuned to phone calls and emails that confirmed my professional wishes. Is this how to handle Mercury? How to handle all men? OK, I left my charger in the hotel room and my sunglasses are who-knows-where.
    But, i do have to renegotiate a contract soon which concerns me and I still ache from a love that was little but lies. Perhaps, during this period, between the end of the end but not quite the beginning of the beginning, I can find some peace

    • juliesimmons says:

      Sounds to me like you are doing well, as a double Virgo might during a Mercury period. A love that was lies is painful but not a retrograde issue. More a Virgo issue. How to handle men? That would be hard to sum up in a reply! There is a great Dorothy Parker poem which sums it up:

      “Two-Volume Novel”

      “The sun’s gone dim, and
      The moon’s turned black;
      For I loved him, and
      He didn’t love back.”

  4. Maureen says:

    Ahh, Ms. Dorothy Parker.Yup.
    About the renegotiation – when the client and I struck this deal in mid-May, he offered a review mid-term. That is approaching fast. I think I’m being under paid. By a lot. How to get what I merit without damaging this new professional relationship. Does Mercury retrograde require more elegance and a lighter touch?

    • juliesimmons says:

      Mercury retrograde requires that you let it mull, that you stay connected to your inner self, that you be patient. it will go direct in the not-too-distant future.

  5. Gar says:

    Yikes. Dropped my phone in the bath, got caught in two huge traffic jams, got lost and watched English riots on a tv with a v poor signal. Only half way through this retro!

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