Do You Resonate With Mercury Retrograde – Huh?

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It’s nearly here again.  In the days leading up to when Mercury is retrograde August 2, 2011 what aspects of this influence do you resonate with – the potential tragedy of it all or the potential?  Through the lens of energy healing, we are all vibrating fields of energy and the laws of physics apply.  What we resonate with is what we experience in our reality. To avoid the worst of Mercury retrograde being mindful of your thoughts and keeping them proactive, patient and positive will pay off.

Take a moment right now and reflect on what your thoughts and reactions are about Mercury Retrograde? Are you anxious or fearing that something bad will happen? Are you feeling the planetary winds slowing things down, but  pushing ahead with an over-extended work schedule just the same? Or are you one of those going with the flow, taking time out for reflection, or re-alignment?

Being aligned with Mercury retrograde is like getting ready for another season pulling out summer clothes and putting away the winter ones.  The Mercury retrograde ‘season’ is not as visible as the climatic ones,  it affects, however  can trigger many things in our psyche that need changing, resolving or repairing.  If we are not up for the transformation we can accumulate feelings of being victimized and anticipate the next retrograde with resentment, anxiety and other typical Mercury retrograde fears. 

However, if we embrace the energy that it is, we align with natures gift to put things in order,  restore our batteries and recharge.  We recycle to start the next phase with more energy, clarity, focus and drive to achieve our potential.

Pay attention to the “flavor” of the Mercury Retrograde period as it changes depending on what part of the year it is in.  Julie Simmons writes about these in a post for each retrograde ( See the one for Aug 2)

What are you resonating with for the Mercury retrograde period?  

By the way, the Aligned for Mercury retrograde program offered by Julie and I provides an energy boost of coherence that organically helps you align with these astrological influences. If you are one of those who always experiences the worst of this energy, you may find this online program helpful.  Who knows? You too may be singing Mercury retrograde’s praises.

Comments and questions welcomed!

With love and light

Carolyn Winter

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