Mercury is Retrograde from March 12 – April 4th

Align for Mercury Retrograde and Take Time for Reflection

The overall general theme of Mercury retrograde is about reflection. It offers us a time to be more reflective about life on planet earth, to contemplate and to create order by eliminating things that block our clarity. Therefore it is generally a good time to write, edit meditate, retreat and organize.

Based on the sign it is in at the time it makes this journey, we find more specific direction about what is required at this time. This period of Mercury Retrograde will be in the sign of Aries retrograding back to Pisces. I will write more about the theme of this particular one soon.


Julie Simmons

About juliesimmons

I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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5 Responses to Mercury is Retrograde from March 12 – April 4th

  1. Brenda K. Lambert says:

    Hello, I am a Virgo Sept 14, 1953
    Does anyone know if, Mercury being my designated Planet, is there anything that I can do in order to make it through retrogrades better than in the past. As a rule, sometimes I do not keep in tune with when it is retrograde on purpose, and then look later and remember what happened, so that it is not a self fulfilled Prophecy. However, I have decided to join the “Club”, and follow it closely, but I was unable to open the link to sign up. Does anyone have a web address for this site. I have a great interest in Astonomy/Astrology and I am paying more attention now. Thank you, as I have not signed up yet, I can be reached at Sincerely, Brenda

    • juliesimmons says:

      Hi Brenda, I think a Virgo should never turn her back on Mercury Retrograde although i do understand the notion of self fulfilling prophesy. it is astrology’s great paradox. I think signing up forIAligned for Mercury Retrograde is just the ticket (of course i do!). You can go to to do so. I will send your email to Carolyn Winter just to make sure you can get logged in.

  2. dale b. says:

    Myself, being a Gemini, I have in the last couple of decades been trying to keep track of the Mercury retrograde, not so much as to avoid a self fulfilling prophesy of the inevitable outcomes of a retrograde, but more so to be aware of when I should be hunkering down and planning, instead of executing and implementing. And you’d be surprised, by noting when the Mercury retrograde is upon us, you’ll see yourself picking up on the cues when it’s near, and in a sense, find yourself, doing what is recommended, and avoiding the pitfalls of the uninformed. And just being more aware, in and of itself, can lend itself to having us operating in a more reserved or introspective mode, almost naturally, instead of apprehensively.

  3. Anna says:

    Hello Julie,
    I am a 1976 Taurus, Aquarius rising & moon. I have my next rendezvous with a Gemini – whom I have been having a long, intense courtship with on the 1 Dec. Do you think this date fares well for me given the Mercury Retrograde? Our last time together was taurus full moon…. the stars seem to be aligning for intensity!!
    Thanks, A.

    • juliesimmons says:

      Hi Anna,
      If your courtship has been long you don’t need to worry about Mercury retrograde. it might be an indication that issues from the past are surfacing and want to be dealt with but it could also be that your history is a deep part of your present at that rendezvous. Geminis have a strong affinity with Mercury so you want to be a good listener when you get together.
      May the intensity of your connection be the kind that transforms and uplifts you both!

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