Decision making wisdom throughout Mercury retrograde.

To begin with here is a focus of consciousness or wisdom I muscle checked from the Resonance Repatterning system.   Checking the consciousness of the public seeking information on Mercury retrograde and what would be most helpful to all concerned I found this statement:

Focus of consciousness for this Mercury Retrograde:

“I listen carefully, reflect on what I hear and make meaningful and thoughtful connections so the decision-making process is smooth, efficient, interesting and empowering. “

Take a Pause Then Decide

Yes I know it makes perfect sense.  After all astrologers will tell you to slow down, post pone the big-ticket decisions, don’t start or initiate anything new unless in the planning phases only.   Still life goes on.   Your work needs accomplishing and decisions do need to be make.  When you think about it every waking moments puts us at a point of choice where a decision must be made.   The focus of consciousness statement above gives us a strategy.    Go ahead and make those choices but help yourself by liberally using a pause button.  Listen extensively, ask questions, be curious and explore the answers thoroughly before you decide.  This will be easy enough for analytic people who cannot be tied to one option.  Mercury retrograde will seem like a great time.

For the bottom-liners, those of you who like to get to the point (oops –should have mentioned this earlier in the discussion!)  – listening carefully, reflecting and asking questions may be a challenge.

Having to make decisions during MRx can trigger any poor decision-making patterns that no longer serves you.  This is where healing sessions, such as the Aligned for Mercury Retrograde online session(for a short video) that Julie and I offer,  can actually help during a Mercury retrograde.  By looking at the patterns underlying our decision-making and healing them we can resonate with our Mercury Retrograde Focus of Consciousness aligning with the best of this astrological period.

How do you Align Mercury Retrograde? See our latest video on repatterning for Mercury Retrograde


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2 Responses to Decision making wisdom throughout Mercury retrograde.

  1. Dear Julie,

    About three weeks ago, I realized I’d lost my sunglasses, the ones everyone hates but that I love because they’re so “Greek tycoon”. You may know them – they’re really big and heavy looking, like thugs always wear. A day or so later, I noticed my gloves were gone too. I was upset, especially about the glasses, because their uniqueness and brute appearance gives me a strong sense of identity that I otherwise lack. I searched high and low, checked at my bank, grocery stores, but nothing. Tonight, within 5 MINUTES of each other, I found both glasses and gloves in separate places: the glasses were in a jacket pocket, and the gloves in the back seat of my car under some newspapers. Finding them so close together in time struck me as – what? Weird? Strange? Then Laura told me Merc had just gone direct. If I was into astrology, I’d think this was very meaningful.

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