Anticipating Mercury retrograde

Repatterning the resonance of our experience of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is soon retrograde and the trickster planet has already been toying with me! My computer monitor suddenly collapsed this past week, I’ve been working through cold symptoms and to add to my misery, now 2 of the lamps in my apartment – you know the ones you count on to light the whole room have also died.

Sure it’s nothing insurmountable, just inconvenient but in a day gone by, this sort of sequence of events would have left me agitated and feeling slightly victimized. Julie Simmons and I have been doing the Aligned for Mercury retrograde repatternings since April 6th 2004.   If you are new here, it’s a program where we apply Resonance Repatterning healing system to the issues of Mercury retrograde, combining my talents as the repatterner, and the professional astrology knowledge of Julie Simmons.  Back then just organizing the AMR program could invoke the worst of the trickster in my life. This past week I was noticing how I just flowed with the circumstances, took Julie’s advice to take the time to rest and trust it will all work out. However, while I was ‘looking’ at the situation of life unfolding during the shadow leading up to Mercury retrograde, I noticed that synchronistic good things also happened. I have to list them and brag a little about what can happen when you are aligned for Mercury Retrograde:

– before setting out to go lamp shopping I decided to go online and check my bank balance which I may not have normally done until the end of the month. Good thing I did as a large cheque had not cleared. Checking in with the company in question, it turns out they had been experiencing petty theft break-ins lately, so they asked me to put a stop payment to be sure and re-issue the cheque.
– While shopping for a replacement lamp, I lucked into a sale and picked up 2 additional lamps and a supply of lightbulbs – which I rarely do. This was fortuitous as within 2 days of purchase a total of 3 of my older lamps were now expired and light bulbs were needed by the others! I am also laughing and quietly amazed at the prospect of what else can be read into my light ordeal!
– Lastly, I noticed that a new wave of organizing energy has hit me and that while resting I have been fixated on ‘stuff’ I now plan to either repair or get rid of, and shelves and cupboards I am re-organizing. Instead of going to the quilt store for a new project, I am heading over to the Home Depot for a new broom smiling all the way!

Mercury is completely retrograde tomorrow and that’s when Julie and I will be doing our session for Aligned for Mercury retrograde. Join us in this hologram of success if you would like to change your pattern of managing this astrological influence – We’d love to have you be a part of the group.

In the meantime how are you experiencing Mercury retrograde? Are you aligned? out of synch or oblivious?

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  1. Karen says:

    It has also been a wonky lead up to merc retro for me too.. I kind of feel like I’m spinning too fast !!

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