Should you get married during Mercury retrograde?

Should you get married during Mercury retrograde?

For some, this is not so much a question of should but what happens WHEN you get married during Mercury retrograde?   For me life goes on whether Mercury is retrograde or not.  For astrologers this is something to avoid! However, sometimes the ideal date is not within reach and going ahead with something like a wedding outweighs waiting.

No one can judge your own personal circumstances better than yourself.  However, astrology can give you the sign posts to look for and helpful guidance for any day placed in time and space.   I found this rather helpful website on the very specific topic of weddings and astrology. by  Karen Christino.  Here is Karen’s link for Weddings and Mercury retrograde.

On the practical side – If you are planning a wedding soon or already set the date, an astrology session with Julie Simmons can give you the specifics of your own chart and what to expect.  Bring your chart highlights to me for a repatterning session and we can shift your coherence for the entire event to a more positive place.

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Carolyn Winter

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