What Mercury Does With Its Hands…

When Mercury goes retrograde we seem to forget that there are other planets as well. Mercury is important because without it we cannot communicate what those other planets represent in our lives. It’s true that mercury is the trickster but it is also the mediator between what we think and what we say as well as what we think and what we do with our hands; How we craft the world so to say. We may wonder how the planet Mercury got it’s reputation. It seems to fit that it always travels close to the Sun. This means it is often not visible and when it is visible it is near the horizon and seems to flicker on and off. You could also say it darts around. I, personally, have never seen Mercury in the sky. I was hoping to see it at the eclipse on May 20th but it was too far from the Sun and  had set before the sky was dark enough to show it. If I had awoken before dawn the next morning I would have seen it in the morning sky. There is something very important and meaningful about seeing the actual planets in the sky and investing them with meaning. This is how our ancestors, the first astrologers did it. They were more at one with nature.

The picture above  is of the ceiling in one of the Casinos in Las Vegas-the Bellagio. It’s been in a lot of movies. It’s blown glass. What Mercury does with it’s hands….

About juliesimmons

I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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2 Responses to What Mercury Does With Its Hands…

  1. bucinar says:

    @juliesimmons I dont consider myself an astrologer but I can tell you I know Mercury retro better than Ptolemeus and this is NEVER a relaxing time. I have the mos unbelievabe stories happening to me in Mercury retro.

    • juliesimmons says:

      I think that it’s different for different people. Most of us seem to react with a kind of edginess but there are some who actually enjoy when Mercury is retrograde. Most likely they were born that way!

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