Flavor of Mercury retrograde January – February 2021

Our first Mercury retrograde of 2021 is in Aquarius, an air sign. All the Mercury retrogrades this year are in air. Some of you may be aware of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the solstice, another indication of an airy year. Air is about our ability to think rationally, to reason. It’s about communication, which requires as much listening as it does talking (especially during a retrograde). This airy Mercury offers the promise of a bit of perspective which this world sorely needs. There are pitfalls as well. Aquarius can be kind of fixed or rigid and stubbornly attached to a particular way of thinking. During this retrograde we might take a good look at where we focus our attention. Just being observant could be enough to shift a whole range of behaviors that need to change. It is more of a time to plan and consider than to make things happen. The future will come.

As Mercury journeys through its retrograde period it will conjunct the Sun, square Mars and conjunct Jupiter between February 9th and 16th. This will be the most intense period and suggests that if we can deal with our frustrations we may well learn something that could make us wiser and inspire us toward a better future. 

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