Aligning My Sewing “To Do” List with Mercury Retrograde…

This week, I am pushing the envelope on Mercury retrograde sewing projects and trying to outfox the Trickster Planet.

One of my creative goals is to sew a wardrobe a season ahead. (Do not be in awe… people who know me are laughing!) I should be completing summer stuff. Instead I am still in more or less a planning stage. Planning is always good when Mercury IS retrograde (starting May 29th this time around). With my luck i will be launching projects during Mercury retrograde(not a great idea) . Instead, I would rather be in Mercury’s graces to finish up projects already started.

So this week I promised myself to at least cut out 3 or 4 garments and have them in the pile of things to work on whilst Mercury is retrograde. Hopefully this will provide some sewing novelty to my to do list, as I also tackle the long standing projects. These are the projects that are likely stuck because they were originally launched during a Mercury retrograde. So hopefully my sewing plans are synching up how energy flows with the Trickster planet lurking about.

However, the fact that I am officially in the season ahead time slot for these projects is quite satisfying. Amazing when you consider that I have fabric inventory for various seasons that have graced my closets for 5 years or more! Somehow, I believe this ‘caught-up’ status of my “To Do” list is a side benefit of doing these Aligned for Mercury retrograde sessions with Astrologer Julie Simmons every year.

Wish me luck!

With love and light
Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

Read more about the Aligned for Mercury Retrograde program here.

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