The Subtle Side of Aligning with Mercury Retrograde

Supermarket shopping a few days before Mercury went retrograde, but well into the shadow, I found myself intrigued by a  store display of the new Martha Stewart CLEAN products.  Since they were on sale or perhaps it was  some promotional deal, I decided to try at least the household cleaner.  10 days later I am chuckling at the trickster planet or what it means to be aligned with Mercury retrograde as I am now fixated on these cleaning products and how well they work. This is not a paid advertisement for Martha for those of you ready to choke. (…but FYI Martha – Mercury retrograde may be the best time to promote these products!)

First of all – seriously – they are great products. They are organic, plant based and have no odor. Best all – they have amazing cleaning properties.  I used the cleaner on my worn out counter which actually started to shine after a few squirts and I am not sure if this is possible but it felt new. So I went back to get the bathroom cleaner and the dishsoap liquid.  My ancient Denby stoneware plates are looking new, my flatware is shiny and the bathtub is now fun to wipe down if ony to see the glow.  Everytime I am near the cleaning stuff I am now tempted to see what it will do for the next corner of my apartment. I was spraying away at 7:00AM while waiting for coffee when it hit me – wait a minute! This is out of character for me – but very aligned for Mercury. 

But that is not all.  I did have the intention “My home is in order” happening for the Spring Equinox repatterning as well as Aligned for Mercury retrograde.  Having Martha show up with motivating products was one thing.  However, my building seems also to be included.   This is an example of the relationship coherence that can happen when your energy field is coherent.    Last week management decided to deal with the long standing ant problem in the building and sent experts in to deal with that. Next, I have been told that of all the capital repairs to make on the building giving my suite a new balcony is on the top priority list.  It will happen next week.  I am wondering if there is a Martha Stewart product to clean up balconies.  LOL

So Julie – what do  you think? Is Mercury just rolling with laughter.  Am I aligned or what?

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Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.
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  1. juliesimmons says:

    I think you are on a ROLL – a cleaning roll and Martha is lucky that your alignment is connected to her products. It will be fascinating to see how the products hold up when Mercury goes direct. Perhaps you’d like to come by and bring some products, show me how they work.

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