What do you love about Mercury retrograde?


First the balcony is cleared off...

There are a few more days of mercury retrograde left but the fun continues. True to Julie’s insights for Mercury doing it’s retrograde trip in Aries, the tenants in my apartment complex were served with 10 days notice that the buildings were being outfitted with new balconies. Work ensued as announced to the minute 10 days later. So what is Mercury retrograde about all of this and where does aligning fit in?

The work on the balconies I figure must be long over-due as I have personally, witnessed large chunks of cement fall from the balconies over the past few years. Quick Aries action is addressing the retrograde issue of getting important things fixed – in this case immediately and with gusto. It looked like an army of construction workers on several scaffolds turned up to do all this work. In little over a week and a half the balconies of the front of 2 buildings are now completely gutted.

So what is aligned about all of this for me? For most people the short notice and dawning


realization they would be without a balcony for the summer months was difficult to receive. There have been no less than 3 resident meetings with angry complaints to address the situation. People are upset. However, for me, my family and friends showed up almost immediately to help with all the stuff that needed to be removed from the balcony, cleaned of its outdoor winter grime and artfully placed inside the apartment. Some bigger items are going to a friend’s garage. I was inspired to use my new aroma oil diffuser and an oil called Purification for several days and the atmosphere now feels remarkably settled. It also feels lighter as I took the opportunity to let go of planters and bits of gardening things I hadn’t used in several years.

The drilling and banging construction sounds have been annoying but so far with

and then there is no railing!

 the exception of one coaching call that had to be rescheduled, all of my telephone work has so far (crossing fingers) happened between the drilling spells. I feel like Mercury is just smiling on me while others are fighting the flow of things or finding it difficult.

Getting new balconies with Mercury retrograde or not, was likely inevitable. Going with the flow and appreciating the positive in the situation for me is the result of alignment of the group Resonance Repatterning session. There may have been only 1 or 2 patterns that applied to my situation but they have made all the difference to my well being.

What is your March 30-April 23 Mercury retrograde story?

With love and light,


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2 Responses to What do you love about Mercury retrograde?

  1. Liz says:

    Not counting my limo driver for the airport not showing up for either departure or arrival, a compromised credit card, and last minute changes to nearly every scheduled appointment in the past few weeks…I am enjoying a large contract that landed in my lap from work I had done in the past and there is major hustle and bustle to book dates into November. I’ll confirm those dates after April 23 of course 😉

  2. Julie says:

    What I love about Mercury Retro is that I bought this MP3 player and I spent a lot of days trying to get it to work. Finally I gave up and called the store. They said, ‘It’s a piece of junk, that brand. Come in and just return it if it’s less than 30 days.’ ‘No problem,’ I said, thinking it was only 2 weeks that I had been trying to make it work. When I finally found the receipt (later that same day) it was EXACTLY THE 30TH DAY. I felt so aligned because I was sure it was me that was the problem but it was the machine. And I didn’t have to argue or anything! I got the cutest, smallest, easy to work little MP3 player. If I just don’t swallow it I will consider it a very aligned experience!

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