Flavor of Mercury retrograde December 29 – January 18th

Having Mercury stationing retrograde as we step into the New Year is a reminder that life is full of paradox and ambiguity: the very stuff of human life. Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Last year we started off with Venus retrograde in Capricorn. This year it is Mercury in Capricorn.

A Mercury retrograde New Year is less about our expectations and more about the need to take inventory (which may already be underway since Mercury entered the shadow around mid-December). Capricorn suggests an inventory of nuts and bolts, the foundations or supporting structures of your life. As Mercury journeys it will make mostly favorable aspects: A sextile to Neptune around the station and a trine to Uranus at the Full Moon. Nobody likes hard times, this is true, but most of us look back on our difficulties – the ones we made it through – and recognize a sense of being fully alive when the stakes are high, when we are focused and determined toward an outcome. Perhaps our inventory should take those times into account and remind us of how well we have done, and how it feels when we focus our intention as if it really matters. Our storehouses aren’t just full of stuff but also of abilities and strengths and most valuable, the wisdom that comes from experience.

These next few weeks might ask us to consider how we might offer ourselves, our gifts, our resources to the collective for the Good of All. Capricorn is a cardinal, universal, earth sign. Put these qualities together and you have a dynamic ability to steward resources for the benefit of the group, not just your group but the entire planet. What if humans are the Universe becoming conscious? If you knew this to be the truth (and you can’t say it isn’t) how would you then focus your attention, your intention?

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I am an astrologer. I love Mercury Retrograde. Especially when I am aligned for it.
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