Flavor of Mercury retrograde September 9 – October 2nd

The main thing about this Mercury retrograde is that when it goes direct it will square the station of Mars at the end of October. It will also oppose Neptune which is a big part of that event. Neither of these is exact, just close enough to activate the energies. For a list of exact events see below or check the Insights at my website.

This Mercury retrograde begins in Libra and goes back to Virgo, continuing the theme of air into Earth. The next Mercury retrograde at the end of December will begin a cycle (of three) Mercury retrograde periods in earth signs only. Air is about thinking. Earth is about real things. This year’s cycle of Mercury retrograde periods has shown us, in case we didn’t get it, that it’s not enough to have a plan or a good idea. It has to be workable and sustainable in the real world, whatever that real world is to you. You could define this real world as the one where you eat and deal with your health or lack of health, the roof over your head and your livelihood, the one that allows you to use the money in your bank account to manifest your life. Perhaps this Mercury retrograde is asking us to consider the ideas and perspectives of others (Libra) from a critical and analytical perspective (Virgo) before we decide to take them on. Measure twice, cut once as the saying goes.

Opposite Jupiter: September 18
Conjunct Sun: September 23
Trine Pluto: September 27


Julie Simmons


Be supported for this Mercury Retrograde and join the alignment experience

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