The Blue Quilt

IMG_0561Every Mercury retrograde, I struggle with framing Julie’s words of wisdom for the current Trickster season against my need to do the forbidden…. start a new quilt project.   I rationalize with thoughts of … “I am just planning, prepping, or this is an old project that needs a completion”.   Hah! The trickster knows and sends plenty of trouble just the same.

So I am happy to unveil my latest creative project completed earlier this past summer and back from the quilter a day before the shadow of Mercury’s backward motion. Last weekend I spent a day with my friend Jane (aka Jane Walkers Cards) and she photographed my quilt. Her recently acquired stray cat Barney, it turns out thought the quilt was for him. He had been quite preoccupied with other farm mischief until we showed up in the garden with mega camera and quilt in hand. Try as she could, Barney was deaf to Jane’s raised voice insisting he leave. It was absolutely hilarious and I could not help but think the trickster was having the last laugh over my quilt!

Amazing to me how one small idea can mushroom to something else. For months i have been inspired by Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. She does the greatest weekly videos with ideas to for easy quilting projects. Her video using a pkg of 10″ squares of paper, along with a dose of inspiration from Pinterest quilt boards brought this quilt together for me.

i love the combination of indigo, white and gold/browns. In the quilt style of pioneers, mine is made of old clothing (a jean skirt, a navy, a brown and a gold moleskin skirts) cut into strips and pieced together with matching remnants of newer fabric. The strips are sewn on a square of paper to make a block. The whole thing was easy and fun.

Many thanks to my friend Jane for these pictures.


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Mercury is Retrograde September 17 – October 9th 2015

This Mercury retrograde is in the airy sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of how we relate to each other as individuals and as political entities. You could say it’s about the rules of engagement. What is and isn’t fair.

While Mercury is retrograde here we should be mindful of how our words and actions might affect other people, as well as noticing how we react to others. Given that retrogrades are associated with misunderstandings we could find ourselves in a major argument over very little, very easily.  (This should be a very interesting time for our upcoming election. Lots of opportunity for stirring up political ire for nothing…)

Libra is about beauty as well. A lovely side effect of Mercury retrograde in this sign would be moments of appreciation for the sunset or fall flowers. As if you are noticing them for the first time.

On its journey Mercury will square Pluto (September 24th) This takes us back to the cardinal cross of 2014. A day of power struggles.

Conjunct the Sun (On the 30th of September.) The Sun always conjuncts Mercury once while it’s retrograde. This is the moment when we are meant to listen.

Sextile Saturn (October 6th.) A good time for learning, teaching and all manner of education. Especially if you approach without expectation.


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August 1, 2015-Session on Healing our Environment by Jennifer Johnson

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach:

Great topic and i invite you to join

Originally posted on World Peace Hologram:

August 1, 2015

10:00 a.m. PDT

This session will be by proxy.

This Repatterning will address some of the challenges facing our Mother Earth right now as we join together to envision a way through the present chaos into a healthier future.

You are invited to join in this envisioning by completing  the form included in this post and giving your permission to proxy you into this session.  This gives us an opportunity to join our hearts and voices to add to the growing call to action and to link with others of like mind.

Please add any statements or items you wish to have added in the comment section and I will include them.

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Hubble Sees a Fascinating Core

Hubble’s High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy

When I see Nasa pictures like this one, all of the Mercury retrograde tribulations seem insignificant.    Hubble Sees a Fascinating Core.


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