Mercury Retrograde: June 7, 2014

Mercury will be retrograde from June 7 to July 1st. The shadow begins on May 23 and ends on July 16th. It will go retrograde in the sign of Cancer and direct in Gemini.

The only significant encounter it will make with another major body of astrological significane is a conjunction with the Sun on June 19th. Mercury retrograde always conjuncts the Sun; this is the major moment of the retrograde period. It is the mind (Mercury) held in the heart of the Sun. Symbolically speaking it is an excellent day for deep reflection and possibly focus as well as understanding. But, of course, only if you want it.

Pay attention to communications and conversations regarding domestic issues (Cancer) until the 17th. After that Mercury retrogrades back into Gemini. Check everything twice and if you’re into using Mercury retrograde to deepen your mental focus this will be an excellent time do do just that.

If you would like help aligning with these energies, you can register at

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Mercury sextile Mars and Saturn

It is a great day to put intelligent effort into creative initiative. There is much the mind can accomplish through focus and effort. Intention trumps action.



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Mercury opposite Pluto

Focus your mind on the situation at hand. You may need to dig into the past but it’s only to help transform the present.



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Sun conjunct Mercury (retrograde)

To sit and know you are sitting. That’s why we meditate. Surely you have noticed how hard it is to sit and not think about a million things that take you away from the simple reality that you are sitting. We are all the same in this. Some practice to overcome it and some aren’t so interested. Today is a day for practice.

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Mercury (retrograde) enters Gemini

Be all sorts of Gemini things – curious, clever, and communicative – but be them inside your own mind. If you are not the master of your mind it will drive you off the cliff of sanity (eventually).

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