Flavor of Mercury Retrograde: May 18th – June 11th

This season’s Mercury retrograde is in Gemini: one of the two signs Mercury rules. We could say that this planet is at home here. However Gemini is a restless sign, and the very nature of Mercury is to be restless always looking for another thought or piece of information. So the mind of individuals as well as the collective mind (think media) will be restless, funny, and very tricksterish. This period will be easier for those who have a sense of humor about themselves as well as others. The joke is on all of us.

Here are the aspects Mercury will make from the beginning of the shadow around May 5th until the end around June 28th.

Square Neptune: May 9th in the approaching shadow: May 28th while retrograde: June 23rd in the departing shadow. These are times to be extra careful about what you believe and who you trust.

Retrograde: May 18th.

Conjunct Mars: May 27th Lots of energy to wed thought to impulse. S/he who hesitates might just be in better shape then the other option.

Conjunct Sun: May 30th The most mystical moment of a retrograde period when the heart and mind are one. A good day to listen.

Sextile Venus: June 10th. Opportunities for all manner of creative expression.

Direct: June 11th. the end of the retrograde period encourages us to wrap up the issues we were dealing with while it was retro. Until June 28th.





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August 1, 2015-Session on Healing our Environment by Jennifer Johnson

Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach:

Great topic and i invite you to join

Originally posted on World Peace Hologram:

August 1, 2015

10:00 a.m. PDT

This session will be by proxy.

This Repatterning will address some of the challenges facing our Mother Earth right now as we join together to envision a way through the present chaos into a healthier future.

You are invited to join in this envisioning by completing  the form included in this post and giving your permission to proxy you into this session.  This gives us an opportunity to join our hearts and voices to add to the growing call to action and to link with others of like mind.

Please add any statements or items you wish to have added in the comment section and I will include them.

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Hubble Sees a Fascinating Core

Hubble’s High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy

When I see Nasa pictures like this one, all of the Mercury retrograde tribulations seem insignificant.    Hubble Sees a Fascinating Core.


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That Tiresome Trickster!

We have a few more days left in this current Mercury retrograde.  I encourage you to keep going!  Seems many of us are aligned with the energy when I hear others saying… “Just waiting for Mercury to go direct”

My own experience is once again showing up in the quilting and sewing corner of my life.   I consulted with Julie about the timing of projects.  Definitely don’t start a new quilt (sitting painfully on my hands over that), but finish up the half-started projects sitting in the laundry basket is a better choice.   You just can’t fool the trickster.  I tried labelling some projects as ‘in process’ and devoted a weekend to their completion.   Still at it!

The sewing machine tension went off, I made stupid yet salvageable mistakes,  and each of 3 projects are dragging themselves to completion.   I am aligned and patient.

Yves St. Laurent Skirt – “I can do this!”

One projected actually benefited from the delay.  I was making an artsy jacket out of an expensive remanent.  The problem of not enough fabric got me thinking and reflecting on options particularly the rag box.  It led to many distractible moments on Pinterest where one pin led to the next.  Then a  lightbulb moment occurred  viewing pins of the latest Paris runway designs.  (which i NEVER pay attention to). First of all I was inspired to make the designer patch jean skirt in the picture. It is straggling project #2 and is almost done.  Working on the skirt during Mercury retrograde, inspired a way to make the jacket (when i did not have enough fabric).  Aha! I realized….use quilting elements to finish the jacket and make patches THE design.   Mercury can be brilliant.

LOL I will share a picture when my camera is working again.    But imagine a pale blue jacket with a dark blue batik for the triangular sides, matching floral fabric for the sleeves and a quilt effect trim of all kinds of blue fabric left over from the skirt now adorning the cuffs and jacket front.   Yves St. Laurent move over or take the trickster home with you!

How is Mercury retrograde working for you this time?


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